Mother of terrorist who murdered French Jewish children: “The prophet permits the killing of Jewish children”

In Paris, France, the trial against Abelkader Merah (35), the brother of Mohammed Merah, is entering its fourth week. Mohammed Merah, the 23-year-old gunman who killed seven people, including three Jewish children, a teacher and three paratroopers whom he shot in the back, was shot and killed by French police after a 32-hour stand-off in 2012. His brother, Abelkader, is on trial for complicity in the killings. Special attention has been given to his mother’s, Zoulikha Aziri, testimony, which was given on 18 October.

  • BillyHW

    Little known fact, but Jesus permits us to slay these invaders in self-defence.

  • Barrington Minge

    The “prophet” can blow it out of his 7th century arse.

  • marty_p

    The perfect defence. If this trial was in Canada with the same judge who let Mo who raped his wife off with the defence of “he didn’t know it was illegal due to cultural differences” …it will be open season on the Yahuds.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure the Toronto Star will come out with a story that he was misunderstood.

  • fedupwithinsanity

    Vile sentiments. And we are supposed to respect this “religion”. How will the left explain away her ‘unenlightened views’ about the ‘prophet’? A question to be posed at the next town hall meeting to be held in Quebec…

    • k1992

      She’s a misunderstander of the peaceful religion of islam, just like the Toronto Star knows better what islam is about than do the grand muftis in Egypt and those with PhDs in islamic studies. If there is any confusion about their ideology, muslim know to consult the Star.

  • simus1

    At least she had her ducks in an unlying row which is uncommon.
    She could have also added that killing people and breaking stuff gives these feral filth a magnificent high. The killing of the three muslim paratroops seems a bit odd. How could the killers be certain they were not secret jihadis? Perhaps they were from some muslim subset well known for their antipathy to the muslim criminal gangs in the area.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Kill her kill everyone in her family.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓


  • Frances

    He not only permits said killing, he encourages it.