Maryam Monsef’s Jab At Incoming Tory MP Yields Quick Response From Michelle Rempel

A Liberal minister’s likely pre-planned swipe at a soon-to-be Conservative MP sparked some fireworks in question period Tuesday.

  • John Boy

    I suspect Maryam’s defense will be that she mistakenly thought the new MP was a Jew.

  • Linda1000

    Michelle Rempel is one of the few outspoken Con. MPs in Ottawa with brain cells that fire. I voted for her in my riding. I believe she is also an accomplished classical pianist.

    • Clink9

      And I believe she just got her restricted gun permit.

      • Linda1000

        Good for her. She might need it since she frequently has to be in close proximity to Justine on Parliament Hill.

  • Sharkibark

    Why hasn’t she and her family been deported yet for lying on their citizenship application?

    • ontario john

      With Census Canada reporting today that 23 per cent of Canadians are now immigrants, the vote whores will be kissing muslim ass all the time.

  • J. C.

    Based on the comments on the Huff ‘n Blow story, I’d say Canuckistan is toast.

    Bring on the civil war… It’s time to purge these f***ers from the Earth!

    • Mark Matis

      Ah, but for now they provide a convenient disposal for many of the illegal invaders of South of the Border. Why stop a Good Thing???

  • First of all, why is that b!#ch still an MP?

    Secondly, the government that let Yazidi girls and women get raped because prioritising them as refugees was “disgusting” has some nerve pretending to care about women while propping up Islamist misogyny.

    • Will Quest

      Someone in the HOC needs to ask Ms. Monsef, minister on the status of women her feelings on the ongoing controversy over Bill-62 currently being debated in the Liberal majority National Assembly of Québec . Purportedly an
      ‘ Afghani’ immigrant, I suspect , Maryam , surely has a unique perspective on the forced masking of females , which was endemic, systematic and state sponsored in her country of origin …. Let’s hear the ‘diversity ‘ argument, that cultural-enriching ‘ ultra-feminist ‘ sweet CHAT ………

      • Her answer will be the same as the party line.

        The Liberals would sooner eat bowls of wax than admit that they are wrong.