ISIS Jihadis Have Returned Home by the Thousands

Over the past few months, as the size of the Islamic State’s caliphate rapidly shrunk, the Pentagon began citing the number of enemy dead as an important barometer of longer-term success. “We have killed, in conservative estimates, sixty thousand to seventy thousand,” General Raymond Thomas, the head of U.S. Special Operations Command, told the Aspen Security Forum, in July. “They declared an army, they put it on the battlefield, and we went to war with it.”

  • QiPo

    You can take the jihadi out of jihad, but you can’t take jihad out of the jihadi. It is integral to his/her internal belief system indoctrinated since birth and commanded from above (or below depending on your orientation). Each one then becomes a random ticking time bomb with random fuses and the idea of a after life reward they think is worth achieving. We will have many more to kill before this stops for real.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Not returning to Kyoto, oddly enough.

    • Japan doesn’t need thugs whose idea of a good time is buying a twelve year old Yazidi girl.

      • The Buddhist Butterfly

        Nobody does. But the Japanese are fortunate enough to know it.

  • Ed

    The problem is, they’ll burp out another 70,000 in mere months

  • ntt1

    slightly off topic but i have been banned from posting on facebook for 24 hours my crime was to solve a murder mystery by correctly identifying a head scarf wearing woman as the murderer . i posted that “it was the muslima she belongs to a death cult”. and that is no longer allowed, we will have heightened security risks with all the returning jihadis but they can take solace that facebook is one hundred percent behind them.