Don’t Even Think About It

An Idaho professor’s inquiry into transgender theory sparks a furious backlash.

A Boise State University professor’s recent essay exploring the intellectual history of the meaning of gender has roiled the campus, with claims by administration officials that the article represents “the root of genocide.”

Scott Yenor, a professor of political science, wrote the essay for the Heritage Foundation website; it traces the development of contemporary transgender theory to the seminal early-feminist work The Second Sex, by Simone de Beauvoir. Yenor demonstrates that a key premise of transgender discourse—the disassociation of biological sex from gender identity—is rooted in Beauvoir’s effort to show that femininity is not a biological fact but is imposed by society. He traces the development of this idea through first- and second-wave feminist thought, culminating in today’s radical claims that small children should be allowed to choose their gender identity and even receive hormone therapy, and that everyone should be free to use the bathroom or locker room that suits his or her identity.

  • Alain

    Everybody is Hitler and everything is genocide, except when it really is genocide and ignored, such as kill all Jews and replace and eliminate all white people in their own countries.

    • Dave

      And too few people rage against it. People, hopefully, will eventually come to their senses and fight back.

      • Alain

        I think you nailed the “root cause” correctly in that as long as the majority just follow blindly along accepting it, reason, scientific fact and logic lose.

  • CoolTolerance

    Some 35 years ago, I worked with a transgender individual. She was the receptionist at a highly prominent advertising agency. She always wore skirts or dresses. I first spoke to her in the bathroom one month after I was hired for my post. She was saving her money for the ‘big’ operation that was be carried out in New York.

    Weird, I thought she was a very different kind of female, not knowing she was actually a guy. We became friends, we used to go out and eat lunch together.

    A few months later, I found out she was a guy and her real guy name. I had so much fun with her, I really enjoyed my time with her, and I say HER because her psychological I.D. was really a female.

    This same transgender had children, was once married as a male to a female.

    I also know a successful transgender, from male to female, and once again, I wouldn’t have thought she was a male although like the first one, I wondered…

    Both these transgenders declared themselves as such in later adulthood.

    I am certain both of them would not agree to transgendering children. It’s a crime against children.

    P.S.: I also hung out for a few years in the LGBT community. All highly fun moments of my life. The ‘Queenies’ are fuc*ed up. The ‘Gays’, both male and female, can and some do revert – I know some. It’s just a question of them finding the right friend of the opposite sex.

  • Watchman

    Unfortunately real science is not about writing papers about your pet ideological theories and looking for evidence or anecdotes that back up your theories. It also is not about reading someone else’s ideological papers and using them as supposed proof because they all have the same view of the world.