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USC Prof: ‘Whiteness’ Must Be ‘By Any And All Means, Destroyed’

Charles H.F. Davis, according to his bio, is an “assistant professor of clinical education at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California and chief strategy officer and director of research at the USC Race and Equity Center.”

A look at his Twitter profile shows it’s filled with anti-white racial hate and glamorizes the murder of police.

‘An issue that pulls at the heartstrings’: MPs review rules that reject immigrants on medical grounds

Members of Parliament are reviewing the rules that reject immigrants because they could be a drain on Canada’s social services and health-care system.

As it stands, applicants can be refused if their condition is a potential danger to public health or safety, or if immigration officers believe they could cause “excessive demand” on the system.

Facebook’s News Feed experiment panics publishers

It used to be a tweak in the Google search algorithm that sent a shudder through newsrooms trying to adapt to the online era. Now it is any change in the design of Facebook.
So, an experiment under way in a few countries, where the social media giant appears to be making it harder for users to see news stories, has caused something akin to panic.

U of C researchers conclude Arctic sea ice vanishing more quickly than thought

Already rapidly disappearing Arctic sea ice is melting up to 25 per cent more quickly than initially believed, states research conducted partly by University of Calgary scientists.

The salt content of snow covering the ice has tricked the European Space Agency satellite CryoSat-2 into concluding that ice is thicker than it actually is, and likely means the first ice-free Arctic summer will come years earlier than once thought, said U of C geography professor John Yackel.

UK’s terror czar says: DON’T jail hate preachers

The Government’s terror watchdog today said introducing tough new laws to tackle hate preachers would be “quite wrong” despite a recent wave of Islamist attacks.

Max Hill QC said that the creation of new criminal offences, including banning orders and extremism disruption orders, backed by potential jail sentences, should not go ahead.