Wallet draining virtue signaling ahead: Trudeau gov’t reconsidering medical grounds admission standards for immigrants

‘An issue that pulls at the heartstrings’: MPs review rules that reject immigrants on medical grounds

Critics say existing policy discriminates against those with mental and physical disabilities

So naturally the Trudeau government wants to change that so policy discriminates against Canadians.

  • jayme

    Oh, heck, let’s just get this over with – bring in the entire f*ing third world (and rename Canada Sweden II while we’re at it) – our society will be impoverished, violent, and nothing will work properly (and no one WILL work) but, boy, we’ll be able to boast about what good people we are and be so sickeningly, smugly, full of our little selves!

    • Reader

      How about in honour of Pierre who started all of this: Trudeauistan?

    • Starlord

      Just call us Pakistan north.

      Someone please let know where I can move to or emigrate and get my family out of this shit hole.

      • Linda1000

        Your best bet is the U.S. as there are still fairly large livable parts left in the country. It will also stay standing the longest of the western nations.

        • David Murrell

          I might add that there are rural parts of Canada with few Muslim immigrants. We have a riverfront cottage on the Miramachi river in New Brunswick — in rural New Brunswick. A slow-moving, country lifestyle, with no crime problems at all.

          The problem is is that we still have Justin as prime minister and the big media, all promoting rancid political correctness.

          • Alain

            True and it is the case where I live, however no place left in Canada that is beyond the reach of government outreach of one sort or another. One needs to escape from both treasonous government and bureaucrats along with Islam.

        • k1962

          I think parts of Vancouver Island are still like the old Canada.

      • JoKeR
    • k1962

      Well said.

  • marty_p

    Long term care home shortage looming in GTA:

    I thought the appropriate screening of individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada for health (mental and physical) issues was to prevent a drain on the healthcare system. Take a visit to your local hospital Emergency Dept and inquire about the wait time.

    I somehow doubt a child with Muscular Dis trophy or CF, Downs Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy has a bright future of contributing tax dollars & CPP to pay for the growing population of seniors in Canada.

    • I wonder what the costs are for caring for the disabled children of 1st cousin marriage in Canada, in Britain Muslims have put a huge strain on health care resources.

      • k1962

        It’s coming here now too. A relative is a noon hour supervisor at a school in the Lower Mainland and she commented that there are a lot more special needs kids at her school now. I asked if they were Pakistani and she said yes :/

  • Dana Garcia

    Aren’t muslims with “mental disabilities” the ones who get violent and kill the locals?

    • Shh!

      • David Murrell

        Dana, this is precisely why Justin and company want to change the rules — to bring them in to kill innocent Canadians.

        • Dana Garcia

          To the liberal mind, white people commit the ultimate sin of being undiverse.

  • Ed

    We’re all just bit players in this idiot’s groovy life drama

  • Jay Harper

    I thought we were already letting mental deficients in?

    • Gary

      If they are really sick and crazy they could be a SCOC Judge or a Senator .

  • moraywatson

    Socialism. A race to the bottom.

  • Sid Falco

    Of course the test case is a boy with Down’s syndrome but there will be thousands of drooling inbreds pitching up.

    • Gary

      With 7,000,000,000 people outside Canada….how many will Justin let in because as of 2015 the Census-Canada report declared Toronto a majority non-white city and majority non-canadian background .
      This now explains why a Politician wanted all the War memorials torn down when he said that the Immigrants and refugees in their Riding complained that they made them FEEL excluded from canada’s history.

      Non-Canadians are slowly becoming the Majority in our major Cities and it’s no shock the murder rates and welfare cases keep growing .
      There is no way the saudi’s would let Mekkah become a majority non-muslim immigrant City and nor would the Muslims in Lebanon let the Christian back in to return to the majority in the nation .
      Muslims can be bigots and oppressor because non-muslims allow it. This is why i predicted that Justin will run in 2019 with a promise to legalize some pedophilia to get the islamic votes for allowing child-brides and for the men to rape these little girls.

  • taxpayer

    Considering that this is from CBC, why are they even mentioning this? Must be concerned that health care & pensions, never mind .gov funding might be impacted….at CBC? Starting to get worried much?

  • Alain

    Well at least our system does NOT discriminate against terrorists and criminals.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This only makes sense since foreigners, particularly if they aren’t white, are much more deserving than “old stock” Canadians of Canadian taxpayer support!

  • It makes sense.

    After all, if Trudeau can fleece diabetic Canadian citizens, he can use that money for people who aren’t citizens.

    • Observer

      Besides if diabetic Canadians die as a result of not being able to afford their healthcare, that will only make room for more Syrian, and soon Rohingya refugees, the Liberal government can fly into Canada.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Out of all the sperm in his Daddy’s testes, this one won. Please, someone or something put this drip out of my misery.

    • Observer

      Like Fidel, like Justin.

  • Gary

    Islam has created about 300,000,000 females with a mental illness from trauma and all the beating or general oppression .
    Justin would open that doors to these 300+ million that would go right onto Disability for Life and pump out 3-4 jihad-joes that wants us DEAD.

    • Observer

      Don’t forget about first cousin marriages and the high rate of birth deformaties that result from that.

  • k1962

    I cannot stand Justin and the Liberals. They are using our tax $$$ to buy votes from special interest groups that DO NOT include me! Everything they do is against the best interests of me, my family and my Country. And the real tragedy is that I think that our first special needs Prime Minister is going to get elected again because he’s paid off enough people….with my $$$$$$$.

  • ntt1

    He will give sick foreigners consideration but claw back the 1500 dollar credit Diabetics get to defray treatment costs.
    I have always thought of turdhole as a bit of a joke, a tongue tied example of what natal drug use can do to a child . But now I am starting to see a real malignancy there. or rather his marionetteers are showing themselves

  • DMB

    Liberals see this as a new “opportunity” to tax more people since they plan on taxing people with diabetes. Bring in more people with illnesses than tax them followed by spending the money in the public sector.

  • Nermal

    Sounds like a plan. New Zealand has a long waiting list of people with medical problems. They are being discriminated against. Can we send them to Canada?