Street Preacher Arrested for Offending Islam Released from Prison

“Their ignorance is almost on a par with the wider public’s, where the horrors and gross gender inequalities of Islam are not apparent to most people,” he added.

A street preacher in the UK, who was arrested for criticizing Islam, has been released from jail.

Ian Sleeper was arrested for holding up a sign in Central London that said “#Love Muslims Hate Islam Time For The Truth.” He was held for 13 hours for allegedly causing disorder.

However, after being unable to charge Sleeper with an actual crime, prosecutors let the case go.

What is the UK coming too?

  • Martin B

    Imagine if we had a Pope with this guy’s balls and sense.

    • moraywatson

      I admire his balls, but his sense is based on wishful thinking.

  • Maggat

    M103, here we come!

  • simus1

    In banana republics, the public safety apparatus have two top priorities:
    Protecting the ruling elites is always job one.
    Public order is Job #2 and involves quickly stomping on those who express anything in public beyond the most innocuous and trivial aspects of daily life.

    #3 Tollgating passing drivers for bribes to offset offenses real or imaginary, etc, etc.

  • Given that Britain is now a failed Pakistani state, this man should consider himself lucky that he wasn’t burned alive.

  • Gary

    In Ontario, Barbara Hall’s HRC would make-up a crime after the Police arrest you.
    The Gestapo would be proud of Hall for her fascists powers in a Nation like Canada and get PAID to do it with a huge salary and generous Pension while the Supreme Court supports the oppression .

    Out national Railway system will be perfect for build the Death Camps by islamists to roast the infidels from Coast2Coast as a favour to their god ( as pointed out by Jesus after the False-Prophet comes one day to fool the ignorant masses and promise Peace but only bring pain and hatred with Wars upon Wars after claiming god spoke to them to cleanse the Earth of those rejecting his Peaceful message) .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      If you live in Churchill you have no worries about death by rail.

      • andycanuck

        Let’s hope the polar bears don’t convert to Islam.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          They don’t need to convert.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          Polar Bears enjoy long pig.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You’re right; but thes dummies don’t read scripture. It’s just for the foolish.

  • ontario john

    He obviously doesn’t understand the love and peace of Islam, and must beheaded.

  • Bless his heart

    Islam must die.

    Islam has attacked and killed so many of my mother’s tribe over time. We have more than returned the favor, and kicked them out of the country.

    I find all of Islam and Sharia Law extremely and murderously (by Islam) offensive.

  • The Police spent thirteen hours trying to find some trumped-up charge and even then they failed? And this is the guy’s philosophy:

    “I differentiate between Muslims the people and Islam the ideology”, he
    said. “I love my Muslim neighbor as the Bible commands, and I am friends
    with all my Muslim staff. But I hate the religion’s ideology. It is not
    Muslims we should be attacking, it’s Islam. Islam makes Muslims victims
    with a tight grip that holds them captive to an evil ideology.”” — Amen to every word of that.

    He notes also that not one of his Muslim staff actually has a clue what their “religion” teaches; they know only what their Imam screeches at them, and obey only what he orders.

    The great irony is that the best thing Britain could do for its resident Muslims would be to ban Islam from the country, deport all the Imams, and destroy all the mosques. It wouldn’t harm the rest of the country either.

  • moraywatson

    Mr. Sleeper, ask your muslim employees if they know what the punishment for apostasy is. If they pretend to not know the answer to that, then they are playing you for a fool. You should look up the meaning of ‘taqiyya’ while you’re at it.

  • ernie pforr

    The Word of God is an offence, to those that perish.

  • WalterBannon

    What is the UK coming too?

    An islamic fascist police state

  • Watchman

    Don’t worry, the next time he goes out in public with the same sign, he will be again arrested and held for 17 hours until they ‘realise’ that he wasn’t breaking any laws. And the time after that the same thing will happen. Until the authorities have brought understanding to the preacher.