London Introduces Carbon “T-Charge” Tax On Diesel And Older Petrol Vehicles

As part of the plan to begin phasing out gas and diesel car sales over the next three decades, drivers of diesel vehicles and older petrol cars in the UK will now face a tax called T-Charge for driving into the financial district and parts of west London.

  • tom_billesley

    Forget the official whys and wherefores, it’s politicians grabbing money where it’s at.

  • simus1

    Not unlike a lost traveller paying a gang of thieving filth to pass unmolested through their souk.

  • mauser 98
  • ontario john

    Please remember that governments impose carbon taxes because they care about us. It has nothing to do with a tax grab. And also please remember that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Think only “Progressive Thoughts”. Obey! Obey! OBEY!!

    • PaulW

      It’s odd, really – governments believing that their job is to represent themselves and their own interests, and not the interests of those who placed them in their jobs. Or, at best, to represent what they – the government – decided was best for the stupid people who voted for them. But it couldn’t always have been like that, and this dysfunctional, could it, or democracy would never have gotten off the ground? Could it?