Europe: Journalists Against Free Speech

The European Federation of Journalists (EJF), “the largest organization of journalists in Europe, represents over 320,000 journalists in 71 journalists’ organizations across 43 countries,” according to its website. The EJF, a powerful player, also leads a Europe-wide campaign called “Media against Hate.”

The “Media against Hate” campaign aims to:

“counter hate speech[1] and discrimination in the media, both on and offline… media and journalists play a crucial role in informing…policy … regarding migration and refugees. As hate speech and stereotypes targeting migrants proliferate across Europe… #MediaAgainstHate campaign aims to: improve media coverage related to migration, refugees, religion and marginalised groups… counter hate speech, intolerance, racism and discrimination… improve implementation of legal frameworks regulating hate speech and freedom of speech…”

Gone is all pretense that journalism is about reporting the facts. These are the aims of a political actor.

  • Martin B

    Goebbels lives.

  • Watchman

    I only realised the close and symbiotic nature of the French media and government in following the Al Durah affair and the French establishment’s protection of their established press.

    The sentence that includes, “…defendant’s counsel argued for leniency, primarily based on the truth of the facts and, secondly, based on good faith”, shows clearly that in France truth is apparently no defence against accusations of libel. This is why the American Experiment was so important, not just to its citizens, but the whole world. The world is sinking back into a repressive state, allowing only ‘officially sanctioned’ views and thoughts to be aired, printed, or accessible on the Internet.

    • Alain

      Same in Canada according to the Supremes the truth or facts are no defence.

  • k2

    Night falls fast (with apologies to Kay R. Jamison).

  • Hard Little Machine

    Everyone get your new keyboard drivers to work right to left. In Arabic.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    They don’t even pretend that their object is to report the truth. They come right out and tell us their agenda. Unbelievable.