Two Quebec Muslim women accuse Kathleen Wynne of burka betrayal

Ensaf Haider arrived in Quebec in 2013 escaping the Arab world and its tyranny hoping to find freedom in Canada. Her Saudi husband, Raif Badawi, is still serving a 10-year jail sentence and awaiting 1,000 lashes on charges of Islamophobia.

Reacting to Premier Wynne’s denunciation of the anti-Burka law of Quebec, Haider said:

“I am shocked that Ontario’s premier and women from Ontario’s NDP and (Progressive) Conservative Party attacked the new Quebec law banning face-covering, particularly the burka that was passed near unanimously by the Quebec National Assembly.”

  • ontario john

    Well I guess those women will be added to the list of people Wynne is suing.

    • As long as one woman is forced to wear these Islamic head bags, no woman should be allowed to wear one.

      Zero tolerance for signs of Islamic misogyny.

  • Linda1000

    These two Quebec women have more common sense and brains than all of our ignorant politicians across Canada. They both know what it is like for women who have no rights or choice of wardrobe in sharia law countries (at least the Saudi gal does).
    Our western societies depend or function on facial identification for legal/financial transactions and safety. How many times is one asked for photo I.D.?

  • k1992

    They thought to find freedom in Canada? Poor, misguided fools….

  • Because Ibn Warraq:

    “An obsession with conspiracies leads to fatalism, a refusal to take
    charge of one’s own destiny or to take responsibility for the manifest
    backwardness of one’s own culture.”

    Let us remember this whenever someone whines and pretends to be a victim.