Time to toss the ethics commissioner off the bus

During one of testier exchanges during the Morneau Affair — capitalized here to designate an official scandal — the NDP’s ethics and deputy finance critic, Nathan Cullen, accused Justin Trudeau of throwing the ethics commissioner under the bus.

He said the prime minister was blaming any lack of transparency regarding Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s many assets on advice he received from Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson.

  • BillyHW

    They are Liberal, therefore they are ethical.

  • Waffle

    way past time for Mary to pack it in, go home and feed the cats.

  • Mary Dawson should have been chucked ages but she is not the true villain here, only the scapegoat. If she does, so should Morneau and Trudeau.

  • Malcolm Y

    Grandma told me everything was OK.

  • felis gracilis

    Having an ethics commissioner just gives politicians like Morneau and Trudeau an excuse to outsource common sense and public service morality. The actors in this tragi-comedy, including the so-called ethics commissioner, do not appear to have much of either, if the news reports are to be believed. I don’t see the post of ethics commissioner providing much value for the public.