‘They have access to your entire identity’: TD Bank insider blows whistle on work being moved to India

Alyson Mosher knows a lot of private information about the TD Bank customers whose fraud claims she handles — and now, she says, that information is going to offshore workers without most people’s knowledge.

“They see your birth date, your social insurance number, whether you have a chequing account, a savings account, a line of credit, a mortgage, investments, Visa cards, anything,” Mosher says.

“They have access to your entire identity.”

  • ontario john

    Gee, maybe its the same company in India that is constantly phoning me about duct cleaning.

    • So a TD spokesperson named “Mohammed Nakhooda denies that TD is trying to keep customers from learning their information is being handled offshore.”

      Great. I never do business with anyone named Mohammed.

    • Mr. Meow

      If they start telling you, you can reduce your credit card interest rates if you get a duct cleaning then you know you’re in trouble.

    • DMB

      I just got that phone call today. Hung right up immediately!

  • David Murrell

    Interesting that the CBC has it in for TD B

    • john700

      All TD executives and department managers are Lieberal cocksuckers.

  • SDMatt

    Spokesperson Mohammed Nakhooda . . .

    Not a good start.

    TD makes “limited use of (offshore) vendors to complement work done by TD employees” and that none of the offshore jobs is permanent.

    Horseshit, plus potentially more>/i> foreigners are seeing this info due to the temporariness of their assignment with TD.

  • simus1

    One of the more interesting features of some of these offshore call centres is the sincere but obvious features like “we are here to help you but please make sure you have ……………….”
    The real message is make sure you have lots of patience – by playing dumb we know at least half of you will eventually give up and go away.

  • john700

    If the public would know that the banks in Canada are forced by law to provide CRA with whatever information the government wants on their customers, there will be riots in the streets. Oh, no, the same idiots voted who voted for Trudeau rioting? No, that would be impossible.
    On the other hand, all Canadian big banks, together with the Federal Government, have started implementing an automation process which would help facilitate the transmission of customer information towards CRA. Soon, other sectors of the banking industries will become automated. I predict that, by 2025, the banks will have fewer employees by the thousands. Most of it will be done through attrition, as the banks are no longer hiring, using employment agencies.

  • Peter Berg

    This is only news to people outside of the financial information world and TD is hardly unique in outsourcing their development and database management to India, China, Thailand and other second and third world countries.