The European Revolt Continues

The Czech Republic’s parliamentary election represented yet another rebellion against Europe’s political elites. The winning party, ANO, is considered centrist and won nearly 30% of the vote. Its leader, Andrej Babis, is a billionaire and has been described as a Czech Donald Trump.

More… The autumn of Europe’s discontent: With an anti-immigration Eurosceptic billionaire set to be the new Czech PM, MARK ALMOND explains why voters across the EU are in revolt

  • deplorabledave

    And indeed Donald Trump is the best thing thats happened to the world since I don’t know what.

  • The Czech election result is very good news. Recently, Austria’s election results, also great news. Brexit was of course great, and the Hungarian revolt against EU diktats on immigration too. The Spanish crisis is also interesting, though it could be good or bad. It may influence other regions of Europe in a way that either strengthens or weakens the EU (hopefully the latter). Etc. Things are beginning to look better.

    • WalterBannon

      good news for the Czechs

      but most of the EU will be a Muslim majority in 15 years – its already a done deal based on current demographics and birth rates.

      only thing that can save them is to ban Islam and start deporting Muslims – which is not going to happen in the suicidal Marxist EU.

      so decade or a bit beyond that 15 year mark when that Muslim majority reaches adulthood, get prepared for the mass genocides against the ethnic Europeans

      • It looks bad, all right. But let’s keep hoping Europeans will eventually react on time.

        • DaninVan

          My favourite expression, “If we hurry, we’ve still got time to be late!”
          After this Czech result what’s the prognosis for Soros’s attempt to but the Hungarian election?
          All the Hungarians I know, here, are violently anti-communist; so why would they think their countrymen and women back home would want anything to do with Soros and his lot?
          I must be missing something.

          • Alain

            Well, according to the wife of a neighbour who is Hungarian, the wife that is, she was socked to find during a trip back to Hungary last year that there were still Hungarians who thought Soros was a great guy. She said even one of her sisters was thrilled to have been able to attend some get-together with Soros. My neighbour finds this unbelievable and she is pretty sharp.

          • Yes, weird.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      More Czech music to celebrate this victory for sanity.