Snowflakes crack down on Halloween costumes

At Ohio State U. From Fox News:

White people should not dress up as deceased pop star Prince, but non-whites may. Whites must also avoid any kind of headwear from other cultures, but everyone else may include it in their costume.

The guide specifically addresses Donald Trump costumes, saying anything making fun of the president is fine. More.

Reality check: Halloween was traditionally a time of loosened restraint, hence the pranks as well as dressup. It was one of the few survivals of the pagan culture supplanted by Christianity. In the hands of SJWs, of course, it quickly becomes a display of political correctness, in obedience to authorities.

The post-modernism espoused by SJWs is not a form of liberation – except to do whatever they tell us or else.

Their demands are likely to become more and more ludicrous because that is how they display their power, quite nakedly: Yes, it is ludicrous, and all must obey.

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