Punishing student protesters ‘reinforces institutionalized white supremacy,’ professor warns

Punishing students who disrupt the free speech of others on college campuses “reinforces institutionalized white supremacy,” a professor at the University of Southern California warns.

Writing in the pages of Insider Higher Ed, Charles H.F. Davis III, an assistant professor of clinical education at the University of Southern California, took issue with a resolution adopted by the University of Wisconsin System that provides sanctions for students who “disrupt the expressive rights of others.”

  • Alain

    In China and many other places this kind of “student protest” is punished by shooting them, and there really isn’t even a tiny bit of “white supremacy” there. Just thought I’d point that out. Furthermore, what is taking place is NOT student protest but pure totalitarianism by said students who resort to assault, violence and destruction against anyone who disagrees with their narrative. Now I am not saying they should be shot on sight, although that is tempting, but they should be charged with the crimes they commit and expelled from any place claiming to be a university. Furthermore, “professors” such as this one should be fired.

    • Uncommunist

      Good points.

    • The University is often culpable as well.

  • Jaedo Drax

    chief strategy officer and director of research at the USC Race and Equity Center.

    so, someone who benefits from divisions?

  • DaninVan

    What in Hell is Clinical Education???
    Never mind; if you tell me my BP will likely spike…

  • newz

    That fact of the matter is that wherever white people go the rest of the world comes snarling and gnashing there teeth behind them demanding the scraps of their labor and then some.

  • David Murrell

    As an ex-student leftist, during the crazed 1960s, I was arrested twice, jailed once, and placed on disciplinary probation. Back then I accepted the consequences of my actions. The new idea of wanting to escape punishment is so much BS.