Prof discovers that research on the gay lifestyle is not about science

From Kate Seamons at Fox News:

“Our findings expose a threat to the privacy and safety of gay men and women,” wrote Michal Kosinski in a paper set to be published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology—only he’s the one now finding himself in danger.

The New York Times takes a look at the quagmire Kosinski finds himself in following his decision to try—and, in some fashion, succeed—at building what many are referring to as “AI gaydar.” The Stanford Graduate School of Business professor tells the Times he decided to attempt to use facial recognition analysis to determine whether someone is gay to flag how such analysis could reveal the very things we want to keep private.

Now he’s getting death threats. The Times delves into the research—first highlighted by the Economist in early September—and the many bones its many critics have to pick with it.More.

Reality check: The research is probably nonsense, but let’s set that aside now that thugs have made their appearance.

In general, social science is not a form of science but of politics. The practitioner needs to have the right politics at the right time in order to even survive, let alone sell out others.

In a post-modern age, that includes learning to deal with incoherent ideologies. Gay narratives (sexuality is all in the genes) AND transgender narratives (sexuality is all in the head) are equally acceptable to the same people and equally enforceable on the rest of us even though the two beliefs cannot cohere.  They can dispense with coherence if they have power.

So, basically, the prof is learning what “gender rights” means among SJWs…

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