Muslim students protest Newcastle University’s plans to turn prayer room into multi-faith space

Muslim students at Newcastle University have staged a peaceful protest against the university’s plans to turn their prayer room into a multi-faith space.

That’s Muslim tolerance.

  • John Boy

    In every university with a “multi-faith” room, the Muslims organize, take it over and the rooms become used only for Islamic prayers with those of other faiths afraid to use it.

    • That’s the pattern

      • Alain

        That’s the plan.

        • Lightstream

          It seems they can put off praying for awhile.

          Check this out:

          I am a female student I pay my fees and support my family so I do job also as I have to go university in morning so I only have the evening time to do job . After searching for three months I find this job with suitable timings where I am working right now so its impossible for me to leave it. The problem there is only 10 mins break which held at 8 pm but until 8 pm maghrib namaz become qaza sometimes I hardly get time to offer prayer and sometimes i dont get time what should I do? People easily say that change the job. its not easy to find a job with suitable timing for a female student …

          Answer to above:

          Allah never wants his people to leave the work or job and suffer due to namaz he wants to create ease for us not difficulties. Its obvious that to survive in this fast world we can not leave our studies or job just because of strictnes of Deen which is created by the mullahs and muftis . Islam is the deen of flexibility and Allah knows the best.

    • Felix_Culpa

      Hospital prayer rooms, too.

  • P_F

    Goes to shows islam is a one way street. Multi-faith rooms can be permanently converted to islamic mosque but no the other way around, even temporarily.
    Open up your eyes stupid libtard Canadians, before it’s too late. Stop playing with fire recognize islam for what it is, a violent, barbarous, misogynist, supremacist cult.

    • We are governed by idiots and vote whores.

      • Yo Mama

        Yo! Don’t diss hoes.

        Thays provide the service thays paid for – politicians dont!

    • WalterBannon

      I am looking forward to the day when muslims start killing stupid libtard Canadians… mind you I will have emigrated by time that starts

  • Alain

    So what happened to all that interfaith dialogue? Yeah well, don’t bother answering since those of us here know it has always been rubbish. Islam is a supremacist totalitarian ideology so this IS the norm.

  • Starlord

    At workplaces they take over first aid rooms. Any space they can

  • Tooth&Claw

    I fail to see why any university or business should cater to this. You want to pray…go to the mosque, church or temple. School is a place to learn. Work is place to earn your daily bread. Keep your private beliefs in the place for them.

    • JoKeR

      Don’t you understand that Islam is the source, of all knowledge, wisdom, science and truth? Here. This video should explain it all.

      • jayme

        That’s about it – how in the hell could such a worldview be compatible with secularism, or even common sense for that matter?

        • Will Quest

          Even their praying is one big public production, They are unable to pray in private dignity …. they must raise their arses up westward and bang their hears on the floor …… such drama queens ….

      • Tooth&Claw

        My household pet has more wisdom.

  • They are afraid of inter-faith cooties.

  • newz

    They fear the truth.

  • marty_p

    Bell Canada has “Quiet Rooms” in some of its office buildings which employees are told is for the use of “all employees”. However, there are separate male and female quiet rooms with a Wudhu sink between them, posters pointing the direction to Mecca and prayer rugs on the floor. Yup definately for the use of all Muslim employees.