MI5 and police to undergo biggest terror shake-up since 9/11

MI5 and police are to carry out the biggest shake-up of their counter-terrorism operations since the 7/7 London bombings in a new attempt to protect the public from further terror attacks.

The main aim of the overhaul will be to find better ways of identifying when known extremists classed as “former subjects of interest” — because they are thought to pose no imminent threat — suddenly decide to carry out attacks.

These will include changes to improve the detection of “trigger” activities — such as financial transactions, meetings or social media exchanges, and purchases of items that could be used in an attack — which could indicate a switch to murderous intent.

You’d think they would be better at hunting Jihadis “naturally”… MI5 named Britain’s best gay-friendly employer

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    When are we going to “shake up” our immigration departments?

  • Liberal Progressive

    Thank goodness that our security services aren’t Islamophobic!

  • simus1

    So how many muslim “friends” are MI5 officers now allowed to hire as informants ?
    Four ?

  • John the Mad

    “MI5 named Britain’s best gay-friendly employer.”

    Nothing new here. T’was ever thus. Can you spell Philby, Burgess and MacLean?

  • Alain

    Deport the Muslim invaders and problem solved.

    • Uncommunist

      That would result in no empire building .. can’t have that.

  • Editor

    More nail painting, high heels and dog masks?ù

  • newz

    Every isis returnie they let back into Britian proves their moral void.