From The Gym To The Gun Range, Here’s Where Antifa Learn To Fight

The anti-fascists are wearing their sweatpants today. Tennis shoes are a must. They’ve been told to wear something breathable — no masks, no bandanas, no armor. Almost nobody wears black (almost nobody).

  • k2

    Next week they’re doing a similarly favorable report on the alt right (whatever they are).

  • The Antifa are left-wing fascists. Calling themselves ‘anti-fascists’ is an Orwellian way to tell the media they are left-wing, so the media give them a free pass always.

  • Clinton

    Buzzfeed was doing its best to make those wretched antifa tools
    look like serious, principled liberty-lovers — and failed miserably.
    The comments section is brilliant however, with person after person
    lining up to mock both Buzzfeed and those antifa poseurs. Even
    Buzzfeed’s readership is having none of antifa’s proto-fascism and
    that website’s attempt at enabling. Best laugh I’ve had in days.

  • Ed

    “…Sean Hines realized that his side wasn’t ready for that kind of confrontation with the right. “To be quite frank, they kicked our ass in a lot of instances … it was kind of an eye-opener that we really needed to start training,” Hines said…”

    Please Please Please go to Sturgis like you promised…

  • canminuteman

    I think I might remember some other organization that wore black uniforms…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Are their heads bulletproof?

  • They don’t look like they can fight.