“Dialogue” at San Jose State U: Instructor threatens to beat up pro-life protesters

Of course. From Daniel Payne at the College Fix

“Amy Kapell and I were both in a ‘Grrr, we should just go find someone to beat the shit out of’ mood,” the post, attributed to San Jose State University lecturer Matthew Kapell, reads. “Then we found planned parenthood [sic] protesters. Who’s gonna bail us out?” More.

Reality check: But why are people like these teaching at a university anyway? It’s time for their victims, actual and intended, to start sueing and/or asking the police to lay charges.

Needless to say, alumni should stop giving to these five-star prison yards; they are no longer the universities the alumni once attended. And taxpayers should stop subsidizing them.

Let them starve until current administrations are replaced with ones that can hire faculty worthy of the calling and insist on students demonstrating the behaviour expected in an institution that thrives on and requires the free exchange of ideas.

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  • Solo712

    Yeah, here is how feminists think: let’s intimidate Christian pro-lifers so we can further decrease the birth-rates of of non-Muslims, so the Muslim ideas about the role of women in society – which include compulsory child bearing – can arrive sooner as laws of our land!

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      I heard “Damning Ryan’s privates” which I thought was funnier.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Go to her class and throw books at her head

  • felis gracilis

    “Let them starve until current administrations are replaced…”
    If only. If you disagree with the crap that is going on at universities – and what rational alumnus wouldn’t – then stop sending them money. Send their glossy solicitations back with no postage. There are other causes much more worthy of your donations. Support veterans’ organizations, real pet shelters, conservative causes, whatever, just stop feeding the crazies at our institutions of higher indoctrination.

  • Oh, really?

    Perhaps that little b!#ch should bring it on.