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Mass Islamic immigration is destroying Sweden

In the past Sweden was well known for its beauty, its tolerance and its excellent social welfare systems. But things have changed and since recent years something’s happening in Sweden, something not right to put it mildly.

Last week five bombings rocked the country: Three in Malmö one in Norrköping and a police station’s entrance was destroyed by a bomb in Helsingborg. This could be a ‘normal’ week for a war-torn country like Afghanistan, but not for a European liberal democracy like Sweden.

But unfortunately there’s more. The number of deadly shootings in Sweden is surging according to Stockholm’s police. Since the nineties the numbers have gone up from eight shootings to thirty a year. Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet even called it “bloody summer” this year, after 31 people were killed by shootings during the summer months.

Europe’s Next World War Begins In France

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb made it official. France is “in a state of war”.

It’s not just rhetoric. Bombs turn up in a posh Parisian suburb. Two young women are butchered at a train station. And it’s just another week of an Islamic World War III being fought in France.

From the November attacks in 2015 that killed 130 people and wounded another 400+, to the Bastille Day truck ramming attack last year that killed 86 and wounded 458, the war is real.

PM opposed deficits before he was for them

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said budgets balance themselves, a new report from the Fraser Institute begs to disagree.

It concludes he’s growing our per person federal debt at a faster rate — 5% over four years — than any other prime minister going back to Confederation who didn’t face a world war or economic recession.

Think about that. No PM in the 150-year history of our country is accumulating per person federal debt at a faster pace than Trudeau, in relatively stable economic times.

Instead Of Accusing Leftists Of Racism, Point Out Their Agenda: Vampiric Parasitism

In the Leftist view, equality is the goal, and so anyone who is doing better than mediocre needs to have their wealth and power transferred to those below the mediocre line. That way, everyone will be the same, and each person’s ego will be satisfied that no one has gotten ahead of them.

Through that lens, it is acceptable to — as McKellop argues — discriminate against whites. But, from a conservative perspective, no one is discriminating; they are self-sorting. Conservatives do not concern themselves with racism, classism, sexism, homophoia and other Left-terms at all because we know that people sort themselves out by flocking like to like, and so every group will exclude someone else.

’Makes it more extreme:’ Prof says climate change made historic fire season worse

Climate change didn’t directly cause major wildfires in Alberta and British Columbia this year but it did contribute to their extreme nature, says a University of Alberta researcher.

The phenomenon isn’t just in Western Canada, says Mike Flannigan, a professor of wildland fire at the University of Alberta. He points out fires around the world this year have been “head and shoulders above the previous record.”

If there weren’t any fires, it would be because climate change made it too wet.

Found on a Toronto street lamp

  • tom_billesley

    Cambridge University students studying arabic have been told not to travel to Palestine for the eight month stay in an arabic speaking region that is part of their course, because of encounters with Israeli security when they transit through Israel or use the Israeli controlled crossing from Jordan.
    Perhaps they can go stay with the arabic speaking Coptic Christians in Egypt and see life from the dhimmi side.

    • tom_billesley

      This is just mahometans finding their place in Swedish society and making themselves feel at home.

      • If it isn’t then someone needs to be locked up for cultural appropriation.

    • Exile1981

      Its officially a muslim country then.

  • ontario john

    And now the main story on all the Canadian media this morning. ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN CANADA!!

  • ontario john

    Imam Trudeau has appointed that Liberal Party icon, Bob Rae as special envoy to muslims in Burma. Yes the Liberal who has spent his life living off the taxpayers tit, is going to waste more money traveling around refugee camps making an ass of himself. Meanwhile little Justin has cut off the tax credit for people with diabetes. Well, they have to pay for Rae’s trip somehow.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Hopefully since we are Liberals we won’t be racist and will provide full health and diabetes coverage for all the Rohingya refugees we will soon be flying to Canada! We better be building them mosques too so they feel right at home.

  • canminuteman

    I think there are two reasons for a bad forsst fire season this year. One is that vast swaths of forest have been killed by invasive insects (can’t reacll the name right now), and all those dead trees burning is probably the best thing that could happen for regeneration going forward. The other reason is arson. If I was a muzzie terrorist it would be a great way to cause billions of dollars in damage and an untold quantities of misery for an invedibly small amount of personal risk.

  • tom_billesley

    BBC is fretting over the fate of foreign fighters of the Islamic State.

    Foreign fighters have been over-represented among militants making last, desperate stands in the battles of Mosul and Raqqa.
    And many of them are now being tried in Iraqi courts, creating legal and moral dilemmas for many of their countries of origin, as some may face the death penalty.
    What dilemas? They went to Iraq and are subject to Iraqi law.

    • k1992

      I know that I personally am losing sleep worrying about these gentle souls who raped Yazidi and Christian women dozens of times a day, creatively murdered their opponents by burning them alive, sawing off their heads or slowly drowning them. Yes, Western nations need to protect these gems in the rough, and bring them safely “home”.

  • Malcolm Y

    Hey, Vancouverites, take a piss on those “pride” crosswalks. Post it on Facebook.

  • reidjr

    The feds will be doing a major renovation to a office complex in Gatineau the cost $175 million.