Canadians Want Face-Covering Ban Like Bill 62 Implemented Across Our Country

The debate over Quebec’s Bill 62 banning face veiling has revealed a wide chasm between the common-sense opinions of most people, and the weak virtue-signalling political class.

Much of the establishment media, and establishment of all political parties have condemned the legislation, with some even foolishly calling it “racist.”

And yet, public opinion is much different.

  • Ho Hum

    Meanwhile the leader of the Ontario “conservative” party is vowing to fight Quebec in court to overturn the ban

    • Ho Hum

      Speaking of cucks – the “conservative” Toronto SUN’s Lorrie Goldstein has called bill 62 “draconian”

      • Waffle

        That’s kind of plucked out of context. At best, Goldstein is well-versed in the slimey art of equivocation. At worst,he’s a closet lefty.

    • mauser 98

      Flip Brown will flop
      like he wants to lose

      Wynne minority gubermint

      • Old Guy

        He has quickly become the John Tory of provincial politics.

    • k1992

      If there was any slight chance that I would vote PC next time around, this little gem of wisdom from that lying asshole just killed it.

    • Clink9

      Because this little fruit pie knows what’s best for us.

    • Alain

      What a disgusting little piece of excrement!!!!!

    • Charter challenge?

      I challenge the stupid Charter and demand a return to what we had before.

      • Lightstream

        I’ve been wishing that for years.

  • irishrus

    liberalism truly is a mental disorder that blocks out sanity in favour of feelings, and euphoria of idol worship, and mob rule

  • Liberal Progressive

    We Liberals will never permit such a thing in the rest of Canada because we intellectuals like our leader Justin know better than the ignorant masses.

    It’s the ignorant masses that need to assimilate the values of Islam rather than the other way around!

  • In what universe does it make sense to cover one’s face?

    Women who have acid thrown in their faces for not wearing the hijab don’t have anyone to complain to.