Because Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism we need FBI Undercover Muslims

Tamer Elnoury – because Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism we need an FBI Undercover Muslim

Inside al Qaeda: Living and working with terrorists

In his first interview, an FBI undercover operative tells Scott Pelley how he infiltrated al Qaeda and thwarted potential terror attacks planned for New York and Toronto

  • tom_billesley

    LGBTQ gun clubs forming to defend against far-right white supremacists (like Omar Mateen the shooter at Pulse in Orlando?)

  • But I thought that this sort of thing was unnecessary.

  • ismiselemeas

    I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence. I mean, how could islamic terrorism have anything to do with islam and umm… muslims?

  • marty_p

    Undercover Muslim – sounds like a good title for a new show on CBC – especially suited to those suffering from Little Mosque on the Prairie withdrawal symptoms.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I don’t trust the prick.

  • CoolTolerance

    So many of them don’t know their faith. Another one that says it’s not the Islam he knows and they twisted Islam.

    • CoolTolerance

      I forgot to mention: Why is he going public? Is it possible he wants a movie deal? I think, YES.

  • Alain

    Gee,I wonder why we did not hire Germans or Japanese in law enforcement during WW II or knowingly hire Communists during the Cold War. Hiring Muslims of any stripe in law enforcement or security is the height of insanity.

  • Will Quest

    Toronto hits the big times …… an izzzlamic Jihadi target …. that’s bigger than hosting the Olympics …….. nurture that love/hate Toronto it will make you a global STAR !