Why Should We Care About Crackpot Professors?

There is an article each week about some left-wing professor spouting some nonsensical theory that denigrates American society, portraying a dystopian nightmare filled with a white patriarchal system of oppression, hell bent on terrorizing women, minorities, and anything else non-white male. Townhall has written multiple articles about such professors.

One reader asked why is it that we highlight these stories. In other words, “Who cares?

  • Chris

    To those who couldn’t care less about the rampant Marxism truly
    deserve to have their children leading the mob that kills them

  • Sharkibark

    They are turning what has historically been a high trust society (meaning that you could generally take a person at their word, accept that a transaction would be carried out peacefully, and a general live and let live attitude.) into a low trust society. Low trust societies are highly tribal (think of all the different identity politics being indoctrinated into society) and those people outside of the tribe or group cannot be trusted to act ethically or in a trustworthy manner. Low trust societies are what are keeping African and Middle Eastern countries perpetually in the dark ages, despite having cell phones and internet.

  • Krista Kay

    Look how proud the whitey Nalley pops up in the middle of the Antifa blackies.
    university professor David McNally.