Trudeau’s massive double standard on niqab bans

Back in 2015, the Harper Tories were pushing a niqab ban for Muslim women being sworn in as Canadian citizens and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was on a rampage.

According to Trudeau, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was guilty of using people’s prejudices to create “political wedges” just to attract votes.

  • JoKeR
    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Meanwhile, in a glorious Muslim shithole…

    • JoKeR

      I liked the file name “Arriving Muslims”, just to clarify it is the Muslims who are the newcomers, not the couple.

  • John

    The Liberals will lose Lac St-Jean over this

    • terrence22

      well, at least hopefully they will lose it

  • ntt1

    When you’re a high functioning idiot the concept of double standard is totally alien and impossible to grasp.

    • Alain

      He has NO standards, so much for the double standards narrative.

      • DaninVan

        Check! The Dopey One keeps trying to move the goalposts.
        As it stands right now this is about an alien concept; hiding women behind a ‘curtain’. Why is the unacceptability of this so difficult to understand? It has NOTHING to do with Islamic principles and everything to do with a very sick culture.
        You don’t want to see women, then piss off back to your tents and sand fleas.

        • Alain

          Spot on except for one thing. The veil or curtain is for a man to protect and hide his own property. He can’t risk another man seeing his property and maybe deciding to take it from him. Heaven knows that should another man see the face of his property he will not be able to resist, since Muslim clerics have stated that the women cause a guy to do all kinds of things should he see a wee bit of uncovered flesh.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          Along with a jar of vaseline.

  • occupant 9

    Why would we expect the class-war, trust-fund moron who is the current Prime Minister of “Canada” to defend “Canada” when he has clearly stated he firmly believes “Canada” has “no core values” that need defending?

  • Canadian Born

    Can’t expect much more from a brain dead person. Quebec is doing the right thing with this ban, and I wish the rest of the provinces would do the same!

  • felis gracilis

    Does Lorne Gunter, the author of the linked article, actually believe that wearing a niqab or burka while providing or receiving government services is a charter right?

    From the last paragraph in the article: “[Trudeau] is now failing to defend Charter rights against this latest assault from Quebec.”

    • Alain

      Probably, since our judges decided that many things purposely excluded from Trudeau’s charter had to be written in by them, such as sexual orientation and that any foreigner sitting foot in Canada is entitled to the same rights as Canadian citizens and legal landed immigrants.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        They do what they’re told to do, They’re on the lieberal payroll.

      • felis gracilis

        Alain, you are certainly right about our judicial betters. But is Gunter calling this a charter right because he thinks that’s what judges will eventually rule or is it because he believes it himself. From my reading of the piece, he appears to believe it himself.

  • Shebel

    Seriously— Is it only Muslims that are allowed to wear a mask ?
    I am extremely Modest.

  • Reader
  • Gary

    Don’t forget that Justin’s Daddy Dearest defended the nazi’s and Hitler in the 1930’s.
    Now his idiot son is defended the Neo-Brown shirts in his own party that are islamofascists wanted to bring sharia to canada and make it an islamic state .
    Don’t trust my opinion on this…just listen to Imam Steve Rockwell when he boasts about muslims out breeding all other groups and will dominate one day to take over canada for islam and allah.
    Rockwell was so nice to say that the Canadians that don’t want to convert will be given the option to leave Canada first and not killed right away as instructed in the quran.
    Toronto , Montreal and Calgary will be like Paris and London were terrorism slaughters will be the norm because the CBC and Liberals will excuse it away as a FEW bad apples .

    Omar Khadr is an expert on IED’s , the Subway or buses won’t be safe. The TTC is now making it easier for terrorists by the WiFi system they are installing so Omar came build wireless bombs set-off by a phone call.