Toronto Star Expose! Imam was Jew Hatey but not Jew Hatey Jew Hatey or something…

Seriously, the Star published this steaming pile of crap.

A Toronto imam was accused of hate-preaching against Jews. But that wasn’t the whole story

“…Elkasrawy now realizes how wrong it was to mention “the Jews,” especially since his intention was to pray for the mosque, not against people.

“If I could say it in a more clear way,” he says, “it would be ‘O Allah, protect the Al-Aqsa mosque from occupation. Or preserve the sacredness of the Al-Aqsa mosque from violation.’”

He said “Jews” is widely used in the Arabic-speaking world to mean “Israeli forces” or “Israeli occupiers,” not as a sweeping reference to all ethnic and religious Jews. But he acknowledges this common usage is problematic. And, he asks, “How is it perceived in my (current) community? It’s something I didn’t take into account.”

He said “Jews” is widely used in the Arabic-speaking world to mean “Israeli forces” or “Israeli occupiers,” not as a sweeping reference to all ethnic and religious Jews.

See he was just misunderstood! Like they always claim when they get caught.  “Anti-Zionists” state emphatically that they refer specifically to Zionists and not Jews or Judaism when they vent their hatred of Israel, guess this guy will say he’s been misunderstood again. Only the Star could publish such crap.

Ayman Elkasrawy only a little bit Jew Hatey says Toronto Star

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The Toronto Star Whitewashes Islamic Scripture–and an Imam Who Quoted From It–So That It Can Slam/Slander Israel

You have to read this Toronto Star piece in its entirety in order to believe it–and even then you may find it utterly gobsmacking. (I know I did.) In a nutshell, it’s about a Toronto imam who got into hot water when he recited a hateful passage of Islamic scripture, and about how he reached out to some local Jews for absolution. The Star reporter underscores that the whole thing was a big mix-up, since Islamic scripture doesn’t really say mean things about Jews, and, besides, Israel/Zionism/”the Occupation” and its mean-spirited “far right” supporters are the real problem.

  • marty_p

    I’ll save everyone the reading:
    Great Toronto Star & Crescent whitewash article on the Jewish and right wing Islamophobic vendetta against poor Ayman Elkasrawy who didn’t know that “Cleanse the Al Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews” didn’t really mean “Cleanse the Al Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews”.

    What I learned from reading the 3 page article:
    For Muslims’s when they say “Jews” they really mean “Israeli’s”.
    Bernie Farber speaks for all Jews,
    Bernie thinks poor Ayman is misunderstood.
    Jonathon Halevi & Mordechai Kedar are anti Arab Israeli spokespeople.
    It’s Israel’s fault due to their behaviour and the occupation.
    The JDL, The Rebel Media, & Pamela Geller are evil Islamophobes.
    Ryerson was forced to fire poor Ayman by the right wing Islamophobic campaign against poor Ayman.

    and most important of all – the average Muslim doesn’t know what they are saying when they pray so they (especially Ayman) deserve a free pass, and as such Ayman deserves his job at Ryerson as Professor of Engineering back.

    • The article is a pile of crap, the sort of propaganda that I thought even the Star was above.

      I pay no attention to anything Farber says on any matter, he’s a seriously bad joke.

      The Star will push any lie about Islam, but especially any lie that concerns the Israeli-Islam conflict.

    • Linda1000

      Then count me in as a right wing Islamophobe. I think I know more about Arabs than Bernie Farber or the Star & Crescent just from reading this one blog.

      • Bernie is an idiot who tried to take credit for exposing Islamists in the past when he had nothing at all to do with it, he is a stupid twit.

    • Waffle

      Thanks. I think I made it to the end of page 2. Who knows? That is some white-wash job. How many cans of paint did it take?

  • John the Mad

    Now that I know an Israeli military invasion of Greater Toronto Area is imminent I shall take precautions. When I attend mass at my Catholic parish this morning I will pray that the Lord protects my parish church from destruction by filthy Israeli tanks.

    Having driven a few tanks in my day I can confirm they can be quite greasy and dirty. One can imagine how filthy Israeli armour must get while being transported in invasion barges across the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The trip up the St. Lawrence must be even worse as Montreal is wont to discharge raw sewage into the river. The word filthy probably doesn’t cover it. You wouldn’t want a filthy Israeli tank, fresh off a filthy invasion barge, in the sanctuary of a church or mosque. Mr. Elkasrawy has a point.

    As for the, uh, actual Jews, they are nice, of course. And their bagels are to die for. But put ’em in a filthy tank …, no, I didn’t mean a Jew would kill anyone for a bagel … I’m misunderstood here….. stop victimizing me …. there used to be signs … “No Irishman or dogs allowed’….. Papistphobia is everywhere….There oughta be a law passed by Parliament ….

    • Damn right!

      • ontario john

        Its all Harper’s fault.

    • Maggat

      Good comment, but, I ponder as to whether you are in fact, mad. I suspect your name is really Hatter. Anyway, that makes two of us, John that is.

  • clearsky

    Everyone should know that Arabs and Muslims are the biggest anti-semites in the world. And it has nothing to do with Israel. Read Koran and Hadiths. Mohammad massacred a Jewish tribe and foretold that Muslims must kill all the Jews. I don’t blame this poor imam. The whole Islam is rotten.

  • ontario john

    Only the Toronto Star could up with an explanation that he was misunderstood, when he preached “To kill the filthy Jews”.

    • Linda1000

      I’d be scared shirtless to take one of his classes. He looks evil. Good thing he got fired from Ryerson.

      • Yup was th ebest thing Ryerson has done in awhile.

  • There is a reason why this paper lines bird cages.

    • WalterBannon

      some people just hate birds that much…

      • I used to line my late bird’s cage (God rest his feathery soul) with it. I told people that the Toronto Star was very “absorbent”. There was no other use for it.

        • David Murrell

          Animal-lover Murrell here. Isn’t lining birdcages with the Toronto Star animal cruelty?

          • Or maybe it’s a way for birds to strike back at the Man. 🙂

  • WalterBannon

    Toronto Star Is Jew Hatey

    • Yes it is.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        We get the spectator, the only rag in town. I don’t believe thier bullshit, but it’s a low clss read. If I replied to their comments, I wouldn’t get printed.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    He’s a low life lying goat humper. He meant what he said! The star(note lower case) is run by a bunch of assholes.