Report: NATO Has Little Confidence In Its Ability To Counter Russian Attack

NATO has little confidence in its ability to counter a Russian attack against eastern European members, according to a leaked internal document.

German newspaper Der Spiegel published excerpts from NATO’s “Progress Report on the Strengthened Deterrence and Defense Capability of the Alliance” in its Saturday edition. The report outlines the alliance’s ability to “react rapidly and – if necessary – sustainably” in the event of a crisis.

The report concludes that smaller command structures and logistical difficulties puts the alliance at a disadvantage if Russia makes a move on countries such as Poland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

  • BillyHW

    They’ve been contaminating our precious bodily fluids for decades, what do you expect?

    • It’s the flouride!

      • Red-Pilled Conservative

        Ice cream, Mandrake? Children’s ice cream?!

  • Hard Little Machine

    The US isn’t going to intervene and Turkey never was. But it’s unlikely that Russia is going to knock over their biggest customer.

  • simus1

    The Russians are very cautious long term chess players. Electing fewer lefty traitor or pleasant to everyone neutered regimes in the west will tend to keep them that way.

  • Alain

    Yeah well, it is NATO of now that continues trying to provoke a war with Russia, not the reverse. So go ahead and ignore the elephant in the room, in our countries, Islam which is a deadly enemy to all non Muslim countries. Of course Russia isn’t perfect but then neither are we. Still we have far more in common with them than the hordes our governments have allowed into our countries. I won’t even mention the serious internal rot of cultural marxism that is eating away the very foundations of our countries.

  • Solo712

    This has more and more the feel of Goebbles being constantly outraged in the summer of 1939 at the mass rapes of the German virgins by Poles in Danzig and Silesia.

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    Yes, well, if the European members of NATO would spend on defense like they are obligated to (with the notable exceptions of Poland and other Eastern European nations), this wouldn’t be an issue. No, Germany, France, and Norway, et al, expect to lean on ol’ Uncle Sam to ride to the rescue if Russia starts feeling froggy. Too bad that we are a long way from the Cold War days, when we actually had the kind of military that made that option feasible.

    Europe hopes that the threat of all-out nuclear war will be enough to keep the peace, though I rather suspect that Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are sniffing each other to see if they all smell like sacrificial goats.

    • Clausewitz

      When it comes to rearming their navy, the US is to China what Japan was to the US during WWII. The US is losing the ability to maintain a standing navy on the water much the same as the British navy did after WWII. Bill Whittle had a telecast just this past week dealing with this issue.

  • Then what good is NATO?