Mum who lets kids live without rules ‘not bothered’ that they’re failing school

A couple whose seven ‘feral’ children live without any rules says it doesn’t matter that they are failing at their schoolwork.

Gemma and Lewis Rawnsley, from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, even let their kids have tattoos, play with pick axes and spirit burners, set their own bedtimes and swear.

  • ontario john

    Sounds like most families today, or an indian reserve.

    • Exile1981

      I live near a reserve and they cancelled school every time someone on the reserve died. One year they did less than 1/2 the mandated days.
      Most of the girls drop out becauae of pregnancy by 14. Very few go past 16 and then complain about the lack of jobs.

  • ed


  • simus1

    No broken windows?

  • Dave

    Sounds like anyone or everyone who belongs to antifa.

  • That’s lazy welfare parenting.

  • Alain

    Allow me to provide a different spin on this. They live in a country that has thrown out the rule of law, in fact all rules when it comes to the invaders they have welcomed, and now they complain about a family raising their kids without rules. Actually the no rule thing is very progressive with their “let it all hang out” approach. There are no more rules for modesty, self-control, personal responsibility, and in fact heaven help anyone who mentions the word “sin”. Next is stated that the kids are failing in “school”. Considering that those schools no longer qualify for the name “school” I doubt the kids are mising much. So in light of the dire state of the whole country, it really does not matter about this one family.

    • CodexCoder

      Like the movie, Idiocracy.

    • Watchman

      And so when these children get older and are unemployable, the government will announce that it needs another million immigrants a year to fill a skill shortage and taxpayer shortfall. Just one big happy cycle.

      • Alain

        My point is that it is far too late in the game for this to be relevant. There was a time when true social cohesion existed, a time when all shared the same culture and pretty much the same values, and such a family would have been shamed by the community and likely it would never have got to this stage anyway. However with the mass importation of incompatible people who not only do not accept the culture and values but openly reject them to the point of commiting acts of war on their host country and people with the protection of the government of said country, it is now irrelevant to make such a family an issue. In fact the government has created fertile ground for people without values or skills to grow and even prosper. Why bother with skills or work when you can live free off the state, or in truth off the backs of those left who work and pay taxes.

  • mauser 98

    Wynne education consultants…perfect

  • ntt1

    I grew up with a lot of children of beatnik parents who enrolled them in “alternative” schools that were just daycare centers with very little structure ,most of the ones that survived had to do intensive make up courses at technical schools in order to get any kind of accreditation.

  • BillyHW
    • A Hamilton Guy

      Billy: Is that your picture?

      • BillyHW

        I’m not nearly that good looking.

  • Editor

    These kids will eventually have to come back to reality if they have any hope of functioning in civilized society or they’ll end up on benefits for the rest of their lives. I suspect the latter..

  • canminuteman

    Schools have been dumbed down so much in Ontario they are a waste of time anyway. It’s probably the same there.

  • Jay Currie

    Sounds like our house. Sort of. I mean my boys don’t go to school, swear like troopers – except when their aunt is here to visit – have blow torches, power tools, pellet guns and unlimited internet access, set their own hours and study what interests them.

    My younger son, as well as learning a song a week on his classical guitar, is this month doing a self directed intensive on WWII and Ernst Rommel. His choice. My older son just finished doing a full stereo upgrade on a guys BMW for quite serious money. Annoyingly the little bugger reads the Guardian. Which makes dinner fun.

    At this point there is very little reason educationally to send your kids to school. It is an ok babysitting service but you are exposing them to lefty teachers, SJW thinking and the delights of a random group of their peers. Babysitting vs. brain rot and worse is, in my view, an easy choice. With the learning resources available online and a kid’s natural curiosity, most children will learn lots.

    Unlike 50 years ago where there was a sense of a progression from highschool to university or tech school and on to a decent job, that progression has been shattered. University degrees have become screening credentials more than indications of any sort of education. Tech school is more useful but a lot of what used to be taught in tech school is readily accessible online. Again, the tech school certificate is a credential which will make the nice ladies in HR happybut does not say much about a candidate’s suitability for a job. Plus, an awful lot of the “jobs” which will arise in the next twenty years will be in fields for which there really is no obvious training. “Drone piliot”, “self driving truck repair technician”, “AI HVAC control tech” require a skill stack which is not likely to be offered complete at a tech school, much less a university.

    “Feral kids” also have the great advantage that they don’t have school induced bad habits like deference to authority or belief in grievance culture. This is especially valuable for boys whose “learning style” is deeply at odds with the feminized virtues of the modern school. Learning independence, perseverance and grit in an environment devoted to “caring and sharing” and “zero tolerance” is hard, if not impossible. Remember, the opposite of feral is domesticated.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      There is a lot to be said about what you have just said. I have a great grandson and I worry about what the dimwits are going to put in his brain.

  • Blacksmith

    So they will be as well adjusted as the parents I guess. What a boon for society.

    • Alain

      Still more of a boon than the masses of imported 3rd world garbage in my view, after all they only put into practice pretty much most of the progressive dogma.