Islam, Hollywood and Choice

“…The attitude of men towards women, and women’s lack of choice in Islam and Hollywood is remarkable. On the one end of the spectrum, there is the overwhelming appearance of guarding women’s virtue. Muslim women are responsible for concealing their own bodies. Even in the secular Muslim country I grew up in, from an early age girls are taught how even the smallest immodesty could cause men to sin, and that sin would be on our heads.”

  • So – one form of abuse is better than another?

    No thinking human being could ever confuse Islamism with women’s rights.

    One could also not mistake Hollywood for that, either.

  • Starlord

    So my take is men brought up in Islam are beasts or savages, sex beasts…and the slightest bare ankle or seeing a woman’s hair will render morph them into an attacker since it’s the woman’s fault…

    All fucked up. And we import this shit and allow judges to let go a husband who repeatedly raped his wife. Used her basically as a hole.
    How can anyone that their wife like this? How does it even cross your mind…

    Sorry to be blunt or rude but this isn’t right.

    • Watchman

      “Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like” – Quran Sura 2:223

      In islam, there is no such thing as marital rape and women are admonished never to refuse the sexual demands of their husbands.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Mohammadan little boys are raised with no rules, they are spoiled brats, and, as they get older certain rules of behaviour are imposed upon them. Unlike in Western nations where the reverse is true. The little darlings are civilized when young then the restrictions are let off as they mature and become adult.

  • Barrington Minge

    I still wonder how yer mooslims procreate. Washbags are just not sexy.