Daylong conference at UCLA to explore how capitalism is ‘persisting racial inequality’

The conference is hosted by UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy, which has urged resistance against President Donald Trump and is led by a professor who has proposed “divesting from whiteness.”

  • I purchased and started reading the book Explaining Postmodernism, by the Canadian philosopher Steve Hicks. I first heard about this book on BCF, by the way. It looks very interesting so far, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand more deeply why Western society is freaking out as it is.

  • Gary

    The media ignore the tax plan by Burnie Sanders where he made it clear that the Black millionaires in Sport would be taxes at least 80% for being among the greedy that don’t pay their fair share.
    Obama recently got a $70 million plus book deal and bought his 4th mansion in another 99% white non-Muslims neighbourhood .
    One of his Mansions is now have a wall erected around it for the safety of his wife and daughters.
    Obama agrees with Trump on how walls keep people safe.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Success = Failure

  • Hard Little Machine

    As opposed to what?

  • deplorabledave

    “divesting from whiteness.”

    Methinks that will put back in a cave.

  • Explore How Capitalism Is ‘Persisting Racial Inequality’? And other progressive BS.

    An internet, capitalist, entrepreneur can easily take part in business transactions where both parties to the transaction have no idea what race/gender the other participant is.

    How Is it possible to help persist racial inequality when neither party is aware of the other party’s race/gender?

    I know the progressives will have a post modern “rational” excuse.

  • Bless his heart

    From the days of the violent terrorist bomber Bill Ayers on to today, there is one thing that I have to say that is the truth:

    What a bunch of losers.