Colleges Gear Up For Halloween With Warnings And ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Workshops

Kids love Muslim terrorist Halloween costumes

Colleges are getting ready for Halloween by administering warnings about how students should dress for the holiday.

The Center for Student Diversity at Towson University in Maryland, for example, posted a “we’re a culture, not a costume” reminder to students.

  • Tooth&Claw

    So, does dressing like a Pirate insult Mohammedans? Does wearing a sombrero piss off Mexicans? Does drinking Tequila?
    What a bunch of overly sensitive, thin skinned, politically correct, bushwah. Someone call a Wahmbulence.

  • Del Evans

    Time to put the F U back in fun

  • joan flaherty

    How about negro women who wear texan cattle-rancher hats when it’s not even Halloween? Should we get offended by that?

    • She’s all hat and no cattle.

      • Dana Garcia

        She’s nothing but hat.

        • Watchman

          It’s to cover the big cavity underneath.

  • irishrus

    Problem is what ‘culture’ might that be?

  • Hard Little Machine

    so if you’re naked no one will be offended?