Christian magistrate who said it was better for children to be raised by a mother & father rather than gays loses battle to win back his job

A Christian magistrate who was sacked for saying it was better for children to be bought up by a father and mother rather than a gay couple has lost a legal battle to keep his job with the NHS.

Richard Page, 71, sued Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt after he was suspended from his role as a non-executive director at a hospital trust following complaints from gay and lesbian staff.

  • Progressives hate the truth.

    The truth makes their narrative collapse.

  • Alain

    This is what happens when a country founded on democracy (Magna Carta) was allowed to be transformed into an oppressive totalitarian regime. All evidence backs him up, but he committed a crime against the state and must be prevented from working and must have his reputation and livelihood destroyed.

  • Solo712

    As the pagans used to scream in Rome: “Christianos ad leonem!” (Christians to the lions).

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    The perverse will be normalized… And You Will Like It!!

  • And he is wrong how?