Amsterdam to install several anti-terror barriers near its tourist hotspots

Some of the locations where the barriers are placed are “Het Rokin”, “De Dam” and near the “Heineken experience”, a tourist attraction. During big events like the Amsterdam marathon there are already several temporary anti-terror measures. A video emerged that showed how one of Amsterdam’s stations was barricaded by large concrete blocks or as some call it ‘Merkel Lego’.

  • Watchman

    I would prefer that their anti-terror barriers were situated on their borders and that no-one whose racial, cultural or religious group has shown a propensity to violence was kept out of the country. In addition, there should be programs to get those potentially dangerous communities already inside the country to leave.

  • Sharkibark

    Build a wall around everything – except our countries. That would be racist.

  • “Vacation in Amsterdam – we have vehicular terror barriers.”


  • Gary

    Diversity Barriers are our strength.

    • Will Quest

      WE take vehicular jihad seriously ……

  • Hard Little Machine