Drunk driver.

  • Brett_McS

    I have a Tucson myself. Very well made cars.

    It’s funny to hear white lads talking like blacks. I was listening to the current Dellers interview with one of his posh mates, who said that when he was at school in the ’70s it was the done thing to discard the posh accent and adopt some form of Cockney.

    • Frances

      Had a family member (Canadian) who attended a university in eastern Europe – English language program (as many eastern unis have to attract foreign dollars). Said family member had a couple of Brits as classmates, a Southamptoner and a Scouse. All was well until a professor commended the Canadian’s clear accent; the Brits were not amused. The Canadian far outdid them in academics as well.

      • ntt1

        even scouses have a hard time talking to their mates

        • Frances

          Agreed – scouse and Geordie would be the British equivalent of Newfy. Did taxes in season and – one year – had to ask native tongue of clients. Always classified the Newfies as “other”; they always agreed.

          • ntt1

            an Irish buddy of mine married a lovely Newfy lady and spent a few years living in the maritimes , he drove the newfys mad trying to place his accent as to which out post it was

  • DaninVan

    Remember that weird B&W ‘documentary’ from a few years ago, about ghosts or something in the woods? Basically not much happened? Well I want the last 20 minutes back. 😉

  • glasnost

    Junior citizens on patrol : “let’s get that bitch”