Why the row over anti-Semitism claims in the Labour Party is making so many Jews like me want to leave Britain

The other night my eldest son, a final-year medical student, called me over to his computer to show me the application forms for his next stage of training.

While he deliberated over choices of hospitals, my mind began to drift. I couldn’t stop thinking about my late grandfather.

A Ukrainian immigrant, he had arrived in Britain as a teenager at the start of the 20th century, fleeing vicious pogroms in Eastern Europe, to start a new life in a country whose language he couldn’t even speak.

Any party that cultivates the Islamist vote will share Labour’s fate, and yes it can and will happen here. This is the “diversity” payback we’ve all been told is so wonderful.

  • Waffle

    This was very painful to read. My mother was born in Manchester to immigrant parents — father from Kiev(?), mother from Warsaw.

    • What is painful is that a country that once worked is filled with unassimilated child rapists and their enablers.

      • Waffle

        I used to think I had a few options if things ever got really bad here. It was just a thought experiment because nobody, certainly not me, ever thought that things would sour here. So, England, the land of my birth was one of the possibilities. But not anymore — hasn’t been for a while now.

        • (sigh)

          That is the case for many places.

          • Alain

            Those places are fast disappearing too. I mean the ones left one could maybe escape to.

          • Now, it’s reclamation time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Have the Jews really even been welcome in England? Or is this a case of England revealing again how it really feels about us?

    • Alain

      On the whole with the exception of certain periods of history, Jews have been far more welcome in England than the rest of Western Europe. That England however is long gone.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      As long as a country’s values are based on the Ten Commandments, Jews will be welcome there.

    • I grew up in Liverpool in the 1950s and Jews were regarded then as hard-working and successful by those who would emulate them, and avaricious by the others. I do not recall any specific hatred towards them, although living in a large, cosmopolitan seaport did tend to encourage acceptance of differences.

      But the English in those days did revere Free Speech. No, I lie, they didn’t revere it, they simply accepted it as the norm, just as they did the weather or the late ferries, the Catholics, the Chinese or the Jews. It was so ingrained in the character that the right to say anything you like about anything was simply never questioned. So I have to say that I find this business of vilifying Holocaust Denial somewhat disturbing.

      In those days in England if you claimed that the Holocaust did not happen, you would be greeted with either a shrug of the shoulder or an argument; but you would not be arrested. I think this aspect of Free Speech – the ability to take the heat out of a situation by letting people babble on all they like – is hugely under-valued in the relentless and vicious pursuit of conformity to a politicised norm, peddled by arrogant Socialists like Corbyn.

      But as Alain says: “That England however is long gone.” And Norman’s observation possibly a clue as to why. The Anglican England of my childhood was speckled with tolerance, love for the neighbours and good Christian deeds. Today’s Political England is laced with vindictive hatred, vicious enforcement of ignorant secular dogma, and a blind, rabid zeal to wipe out Christian love with a violent storm of Islamic hate.

      And you can now be arrested simply for reading something the Commissars disapprove of. Voice or write it and you are an instant Enemy of the State, with a metaphorical Yellow Star stapled to your forehead. The Jews are not the only ones with reason to fear England’s soulless, totalitarian New World Order.

  • bob e

    Amazing how anti semitic Britain is .. the MAGNA Carta was only written
    for a select few .. it seems ..