Trudeau on Quebec face-cover ban: not our business to tell women what to wear

Justin Trudeau has said it is not the government’s business to tell a woman what or what not to wear after the Canadian province of Quebec passed a law – believed to be the first of its kind in North America – obliging women wearing the niqab or burqa to unveil when riding public transit or receiving government services.

On Wednesday, Quebec’s Liberal government flexed its majority to vote in a law banning face coverings for those offering or receiving services from government departments, as well as municipalities, school boards, public health services and transit authorities.

The legislation has been condemned by critics who say it deliberately targets Muslim women.

Pro-sharia oppression of women, pro-abortion and hasn’t said a word about the sex-selective murder of unborn girls happening within our “mosaic of diversity” , supports M103 and its curtailment of free speech, won’t call FGM barbaric, that’s some platform the airhead has put together. Calls himself a feminist.

  • BillyHW

    Women voters are going to keep him in office longer than any Canadian PM in history. We are going to approach Fidel Castro territory here.

    • Likely.

    • EarlyBird

      These women will have a bigger responsibility in the overtaking of society by mohamedans than the mohamedans themselves.

      So called feminine solidarity was fake news from the beginning

    • Oracle9

      Most women with a spark of intelligence are starting to wake up. I know, it’s amazing that even a lefty woman might see through his facade but it is possible.

      Got a long ways to go however.

    • Marius K

      Don’t tell me that women this days desire a weak, moody bi-bisexuals.

      btw….it will take only few relationships between liberal women and Muslim men to to unravel multiculturalism into segregation.

    • Billy, serious question: I vote for the Tories, when I can be bothered. If I were an American I’d vote Republican unless a better option came along. I’d certainly have voted for Trump. If I were an Australian I’d vote for the Liberal party. (That’s the conservative party in Australia.) If I were Dutch I’d vote for Geert Wilders (unless there were compelling strategical reasons not to). If I lived in Britain, I’d vote for UKIP (unless etc.).

      I am, tragically enough, a woman. Should I stop voting?

      Please don’t dodge my question by going on about larger social contexts or what somebody should have done in 1918 and such. Just answer yes or no.

      • BillyHW

        You should vote to cancel out Lena Dunham’s vote, but you shouldn’t feel good about it, and you should also be advocating/voting for a repeal of women’s suffrage, because nice women don’t want the vote.

        • Henceforth I go to the voting booth with a light heart, knowing that I do so with your approval 🙂

          • BillyHW

            No no no…you fail to understand. You should go hiding your head in shame, hoping that no one sees you. You should be telling the other people in line how much you’d rather be baking cookies, and making sandwiches, according to the will of God…and make sure to take a shower as soon as you get home…

      • Watchman

        OK, ‘Yes or No’ – you women are the boss these days. 😉
        And stop calling me ‘Shirley’ [rimshot]

        • I did say please.

          Because I like to challenge myself as a person I sometimes watch clips of Leslie Nielsen in pre-Airplane! roles, to see if I can psych my brain into believing that they aren’t comedies. So far, no dice.

      • Jane

        Don’t waste your time trying to reason with BillyHW. He is a mindless twit, who definitely shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

        • Very succinctly and accurately put. 😀

          • Jane

            Thanks Avi.

        • David Murrell

          Jane, Black Mamba, Linda: do not let BillyHW drive you from this BCF site. That is what he wants to do. BillyHW is a pro-Muslim troll who wants to destroy this site and who wants to promote the dark side of Islam and political correctness. And he is good at his dirty work.

          • Jane

            Thanks David – I really appreciate what you said, and am sure that the other women on this forum do too.

          • Billy’s entitled to his opinion. I do think it would be nice if he had more than one.

          • David Murrell

            He dosen’t have any other opinions. And that is one telling indicator that he is a troll.

          • BillyHW

            You know very well that David and Jane are brain dead. And you’d rather be arguing with me than listening to any dull thing they have to say.

          • I do not in any way agree that either David or Jane is brain dead. Still, that’s two more opinions.

          • Jane

            Another desperate attempt to try and show that you are intelligent. But, we all know that just isn’t so.

          • Jane

            I agree with David’s assessment – Billy is a troll. He just doesn’t have any creativity when doing his dirty business.

    • Billy, I wonder if you realize that there many, very many, women in the world who are much more intelligent, sane and worthy than you? Who are you to decide what they can or cannot do?

      I repeat what I said to you once: are there no women in your life or your surroundings that are better than the way you describe women? Has your life been a desert with regard to female company? Are there no women you respect in your world? Pity you. But even if your whole life has not had this pleasure and honor, you are wrong to generalize from your personal narrow and unhappy experience.

      • David Murrell

        I have been a critic of BillyHW’s brain-dead posts for some time now. There is the issue of free speech, mostly supported on this BCF site. BillyHW’s mindless and mean-spirited posts do serve a useful purpose, in that they show us what goes on in an Islamist’s mind (e.g., the typical Pakistani’s honour killer’s mind).

        Every time BillyHW gets a hate on, I think of the brave women fighting in the Palmach forces during the first phase of of the War of Independence. If BillyHW could be magically transported to that war, he would be fighting for the Arab-Muslim side, fighting to eliminate Jews from the Middle East.

        • It would be interesting to know Billy’s life story and circumstances. Has he always been given the cold shoulder by women he tried to talk to, or always been too shy to approach them? What is his problem, why does he hate them so?

          • Tooth&Claw

            He no longer bothers me. I blocked his misogyny.

      • BillyHW

        I’m generalizing from the results of the last Canadian election. Do you know how generalizations work? That you can’t generalize from your own personal, narrow experience with women, but how they act as a national mass to bring down great civilizations?

        • Women are not the problem, no matter how they vote. If you don’t like how they vote you have to persuade them through rational argument. That is democracy. Anyway, not all women vote the same way. You can’t just write off half of humanity the way you do. Women are different from men, but politically and legally equal to men.
          What about the many men who are also voting wrongly, and destroying civilization? How come you accept their votes, and do not push for their disfranchisement? Clearly, you are moved by a personal prejudice against women. You should ask yourself honestly why that is, and try and fix it.

          • BillyHW

            You obviously don’t know how generalizations and statistics work.

          • I write books on the subject, and I’ve worked on big statistical studies for some major organizations. So, you’re wrong.

          • Jane

            Well said. Aside from being a troll, as David suggested, I think Billy thrives on his hatred of women. It’s what makes him tick. I doubt that he has anything else in his life, other than that. His hatred of women is always at the forefront, and it’s extremely rare that he discusses anything else. You are correct that he should try and fix the problem, but it’s unlikely that he ever will. He gets a rush (possibly sexual) out of hating women.

          • Tooth&Claw

            It’s always the mother’s fault .

  • simus1

    Seems like a big hole in the hull if the the law only applies to “women”. The garb is not “muslim” in any case but was thought to possibly spring from much earlier arab practices with connotations of which families were secretly allied across clan or tribal or inter tribal fault lines they did not want to disclose to outsiders.

    • It is entirely “cultural”.

    • Watchman

      I disagree. The modern equivalent is like keeping your lawnmower locked up in your shed. You don’t want anyone to see your property in case they want to ‘borrow’ it. Islam has turned a arab tribal quirk into a permanent part of the religion; with them claiming that it is religious when they want this protected and cultural when they want to excuse it when it looks bad as part of the religion.

      Look at some of the pictures of women in Tehran in the 1970s: e.g.
      The money from oil revenues allowed changed the power relationship between the the West and the Middle East in the 1970s, and funded the spread of fundamentalist imams which have been spreading the true islam ever since. In that religion, women are the property of men.

    • Linda1000

      I thought there was a practical reason that some nomadic desert tribes wore long garments and big scarfs to cover from the desert sun and sand storms. I think the name of the North African tribe called the Turag still dress in dark blue and cover their heads and faces (both men and women) when out in the open.

      • simus1

        Nomadic Tribes of the Sahara | Full Documentary
        on Youtube gives an up to date if “soft” view and is a favourite of mine.
        “Wife secrecy” in the top layers among the powerful tribal factions of pre islam saudi might have served some vital political purpose at the time. Then it could have drifted down to ambitious lesser beings as little more than a fashion statement.

        • Linda1000

          Thanks, will look for it.

  • Alain

    Short-pants is on record saying that only prime ministers from Quebec are fit to government Canada, so this presents a bit of a problem. Well, not really since he is incapable of connecting the dots concerning any thing.

  • ontario john

    And in related Trudeau is wonderful news. A peaceful anti Trudeau demonstration in Toronto, turned violent just an hour or so ago, when the usual collection of marxists, lesbians, and black activists showed up and started beating the crap out of the anti Trudeau demonstrators. Apparently if you don’t like Trudeau’s policies you are a Nazi.

    • Shebel

      The olde ‘Broad Brush’ thing again. .

  • Shebel

    I am a Protestant Presbyterian Christian —-
    I wonder what I should wear to make me stand out in a CROWD ?
    Masks are already TAKEN.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Women can wear what they like. They just can’t wear a complete facial mask. A mask is not clothing by definition. It is something used to conceal identity.

    • Solo712

      …..or saying: “in my culture, women have no identity. I wear niqab because I am an anonymous house robot and on-demand piece of ass”.

  • Watchman

    So what does Trudeau do if women decide to wear:
    – Nothing?
    – Indian headdress?
    – Hoop earrings?
    – Blackface?
    Why would men not have the same rights as women to wear what they want, including the items above and perhaps adding burkas and full-face motorcycle helmets even when transacting business in a bank?

  • Reader

    A song dedicated to Justin.

  • As much as this moron will moan to the whims of his Islamists masters, he will not chuck out his communist father’s stupid Charter nor will he overturn this. Doing so will cost him those precious Quebec votes.

  • joan flaherty

    It’s not a fashion choice, Trudeau. Ah well, at least he’s consistent – can always be relied upon to be inane and fatuous.

  • Predictably, the Muslim convert Justin Trudeau defends his Muslim community, using every power at his disposal for that end.

  • JoKeR
  • “Not Our Business To Tell Women What To Wear”

    But remember.. No Trump hats!