Trudeau on Quebec face-cover ban: not our business to tell women what to wear

Justin Trudeau has said it is not the government’s business to tell a woman what or what not to wear after the Canadian province of Quebec passed a law – believed to be the first of its kind in North America – obliging women wearing the niqab or burqa to unveil when riding public transit or receiving government services.

On Wednesday, Quebec’s Liberal government flexed its majority to vote in a law banning face coverings for those offering or receiving services from government departments, as well as municipalities, school boards, public health services and transit authorities.

The legislation has been condemned by critics who say it deliberately targets Muslim women.

Pro-sharia oppression of women, pro-abortion and hasn’t said a word about the sex-selective murder of unborn girls happening within our “mosaic of diversity” , supports M103 and its curtailment of free speech, won’t call FGM barbaric, that’s some platform the airhead has put together. Calls himself a feminist.