Rachel Notley says Quebec’s face-veil ban ‘smacks of Islamophobia’

“The only way it holds together logically is if you’re in some way trying to move forward with some element of Islamophobia and that’s not who we are as Canadians.”

Shiney Pony says there is no ‘who you are as Canadians’.

  • ontario john

    What a surprise. The socialist leader of the People’s Islamic Socialist Republic of Alberta, supports the Islamic takeover of Canada.

  • jayme

    I am SO sick of our deceitful, “progressive” academicians and politicians and their routine submission to islam, along with their ready tossing of empty meaningless labels and insults towards ordinary Canadians who have legitimate concerns about the direction that our society is moving.

    I wonder, Ms Notley, if there is actually anything that a person can do that would NOT be who we are as Canadians – not voting for more globalization and mass muslim immigration, perhaps? Daring to question the climate change ideology of High Priest Suzuki and co? Or is everything acceptable in good old, wishy-washy, we-have-no-values-or-culture, Canada? Please share your wisdom with the ignorant masses.

    • Notley like all liberal leftists harbours the delusional belief they hold the moral high ground on all issues. This is necessary to sustain their flights of fancy, it makes them “feel good” and feeling good is easier and better than making hard decisions based on facts.

      • Linda1000

        Her father Grant must be rolling over I his grave. Nostalgia votes for him by many natives in northern AB helped to get her elected.

      • Bla Bla

        I believe that the leftists think they will use the islamists as a sort of brown shirts to further their appetite for power. But, never seems to work out that way as the islamists quickly move to behead their benefactors.

  • LairdKintyre

    I am Canadian. And I support this Law. I am Canadian as were the 6 generations of my family who lived here before me. When I think typical Canadian, I think Nfld fisherman or Alberta rancher or Quebecois lumberjack. Somehow, though there are a few of them, woman in burqa doesnt jump right to mind

  • Linda1000

    Rachel Notley doesn’t speak for this Albertan and she’s a really f**king sad example to be Cdn. if she supports face veils and coverings in public for women.

    • Bla Bla

      Nutley and the rest of her criminal cabal do not see themselves as ‘canadians’… Instead, they are above us as members of the globalists who rule with virtue signalling, corruption, and destruction of our way of life.

  • barryjr

    Not being content with just ruining Alberta the wicked witch of the West is now going after Quebec. I got news for you Rachel Quebec is already screwed they don’t need your help.

  • Martin
  • Why is it a “Canadian” thing to allow a misogynist culture to veil women and rob them of their identity?

  • Marius K

    We are living in historical times (again) when the society is losing confidence in traditional institution and thus the government. Canadian version is supplied by neurotic hipsters looking for phobias everywhere.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Notely is far too big for her boots. Just who is she disenfranchising as ‘Canadian’ to go after Quebecers, and other Canadians who clearly think someone wearing a face mask is trying to hide their identity?