Italy: Muslim migrant claims he rescued woman from gang-rape by “25 local men” in Florence

Twenty-five “local men” tried to gang-rape this woman, Gaia, while calling her a “whore” and spitting at her. Magically Hossein, aged 58, was right there and could gallantly fight them all of. And of course the ‘victim’ never went to the police. Probably because the story doesn’t add up. The writer of the contributing article signed his/her name as S.L. One can suspect pro-migrant propaganda behind it.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Who here can lay claim to such a heroic deed?
    Twenty-five local men, twenty-five determined rapists, determined to rape a specific woman.
    Sounds totally legit.

    They should form a rapists guild and charge dues and run a rapists’ union hall.

    • Clink9

      How do they decide who gets to be rapist number 25?

      Draw the short “stick”?

    • Maggat

      We already have a rapists’ union hall. Civil service unions.

  • Watchman

    Did he handle it like it is done in the Middle East?
    “I set the bride price to be 10,000 Euros and that stopped them. None of them wanted to pay that amount and that would have limited the rape to just one man: her new husband.”

    • PaulW


  • xavier

    I want the juge d’instruction to ask some tough questions to the white knight.
    He’s a liar I just want it legally confirmed

  • Cat-astrophe

    Go back to pakistN…..

  • Liberal Progressive

    See! This proves that to lower the rate of sexual assault all western countries need to open their doors to all Muslim refugee claimants!

  • PaulW

    Gang rape was essentially an unknown phenomena in Western nations … until islam arrived in force. Ah, the wonders of diversity and mass muslim immigration.

    • shasta

      ” unknown phenomena in Western nations”

      Have to call BS on that. It was known, but was not tolerated as an every day occurrence.

      • Alain

        It was however extremely rare and certainly never given a pass.

        • shasta

          I was thinking of an actual incident from my high school in the early 70s when I wrote that. It involved more than a dozen guys, and yes it was actively suppressed by the principal and the police. According to the information I gleaned from “adult” sources at the time the reasoning was that it may not have been a “rape-rape”, and that the school’s reputation would have been hurt if it went public.

    • DMB
  • DMB
  • Maggat

    A very good and touching story, thank heavens that poor woman had her saviour, an immigrant, who was able to rush to and save her, against almost insurmountable odds. Good on ya mate, now pardon me while I go and upchuck.