Gender dysphoria: scientifically baseless

The challenge we face today is to maintain rigorous discernment and objectivity despite the concern we all feel when greeted by a “girl trapped in a boy’s body”; a claim which we are witnessing in increasing numbers. The dissonance being created demands enquiry into misrepresentations. To assert that “gender is fluid” when we know that XX and XY chromosomes are immutably determined at conception is not only wrong, it is harmful.

  • Alain

    Start rejecting the inaccurate term “gender” for “sex” would be a start. Words matter even though few seem to understand. Cultural marxists use words/language to confuse people about whatever issue is on their agenda. Stop going along.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Gender is a linguistic word useful in understanding and navigating languages such as French and Spanish. Biological sex is determined at birth. Only semi-literates argue otherwise. Hence, the whole “gender debate” is genuinely tiresome and stupid.

  • CodexCoder

    As Alain has pointed out, the issue is about facts, not feelings (are you listening, feminista Justin?), logic, not emotion. Gender identity as opposed to a person’s biological sex is about how a person feels, not the facts of their biology. Making any decision in life purely on the basis of feelings is a formula for disaster. I may not, for example, like physics, statics and dynamics, or properties of materials, but if I ignore those two areas of science when building a bridge, and purely focus on aesthetics (as in beauty being in the eye of the beholder), the probability of achieving a working and functional bridge is very low and the risk to human life very high. Now look at the suicide rate of those with gender dysphoria. It is the same (very high) regardless of whether they transition or not which would lead one to conclude that the real problem has not been solved, and that acting on feelings, no matter how pure the intent, does not get to the root of the matter.

    • Linda1000

      “Making any decision in life purely on the basis of feelings is a formula for disaster.”
      Now I know why I’m divorced. 🙂

  • Tooth&Claw

    Wow talk about figures lie and liars figure. Including hypospadias numbers in with legitimate intersex conditions is purely dishonest. Someone has an agenda.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am a polyamorus starfish

    • The Buddhist Butterfly

      And you’re beautiful.

      • Linda1000

        So how many genders are you because you are a goat and a butterfly right? I can’t remember.

        • The Buddhist Butterfly

          I’m a genderless butterfly you racist.

          • Linda1000

            So what letter to you use to describe yourself on your passport? I use “F” for female. Your’s is left blank?

          • The Buddhist Butterfly

            I use B for beautiful.

          • Linda1000

            LOL – good for your high self-esteem and you must use Dove products to maintain your beautiful wings.

          • The Buddhist Butterfly

            It’s one quarter moisturizing cream!

  • JoKeR

    Transgenderism can be simply proven with just one sentence:
    Kathleen Wynne is a dick!