Feminism’s Experiment Against Common Sense

It demands a culture of restraint while tearing down morality and modesty.

In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, the commissars of feminism are policing ideological infractions with increased vigor. Several women in the entertainment industry have had to apologize abjectly to the commissars for daring to suggest that women seek protection from a salacious, pawing Hollywood culture by not participating in it.

“Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Publishes Irresponsible Essay On Sexism In Hollywood,” ran a headline in Newsweek, capturing this atmosphere. Bialik had merely allowed herself a brief aside in the New York Times reflecting on the prudence of modesty in an industry of creeps…

  • BillyHW

    The only way women know how to accomplish something is to take their clothes off.

    • Frances

      Maybe in your world. Where there are real men and real women, both groups are accomplished and each group respects and rejoices in the accomplishments of the other. Which makes them very, very strong.

      If that’s all you can say about women, I pity you as living in such an impoverished world.

      • BillyHW

        But Marie Curie!

      • Jane

        He doesn’t know the meaning of a real man. I think he lives under a rock, and just slithers out once in a while.

        • BillyHW

          Did my comment hit a little too close to home, Jane? Is that what set you off?

          • Jane

            Your comments never accomplish anything. I’ve told you that before Billy – they are unimaginative, and boring. The same things are said again and again and again. Your comments never hit close to home – I just like messing with you. Oh and by the way – I have a real man in my life. That’s something you will never be. In fact, methinks you doth protest too much. Come on Billy – free yourself – tell the people what you really are. Which is it – a woman trapped in a man’s body or a man trapped in a woman’s body? Your vile remarks consistently tell us that you are struggling with your own sexuality.

          • BillyHW

            The first post that set you off I think was about jungle fever.

          • Jane

            As hard as you try, you just don’t have the necessary brain power to respond in a way that impresses anyone. You have limitations Billy. Time to accept that you are out of your league at BCF.

    • Jane

      You should convert to Islam. You’ll fit right in.

      • BillyHW

        28920 upvotes to 176, Jane.

        • Jane

          You are actually bragging about upvotes!!! lol It’s pretty bad if you need to use upvotes to make you feel superior. Wow what a testament to your manhood!

          • El Martyachi ✓ᴴᵉˡᶦᶜᵒᵖᵗᵉʳᶦˢᵗ

            I know, right.. he’s just mysoginistically wanton and gratuitous. I can’t even..

          • BillyHW

            I am a tool of the Patriarchy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hear calliope music

  • Alain

    As a weapon of cultural marxism it has been very successful in the West in destroying the traditional family, the corner stone of a stable society. This success was then passed on to another cultural marxism weapon, the homosexual lobby, which has just about succeeded in carrying on the job. To make certain that there can be no recovery of the traditional family, the torch recently was passed to the tranny lobby. I find it inexcusable that people continue actually to think that feminism is about women or ever was.

    • bob e

      Brilliant as always Alain ..

      • Alain

        Thank you, but plenty of others are aware of the same so cannot claim any credit.

  • Martin B

    If they were sluts they’d be busy fucking and sucking and they’d be happy, not scowling at everybody and making idiots of themselves in public.

    • Will Quest

      Seriously some one needs to tell these ugly lesbos , that so-called
      ‘male predators’ or any warm-blooded male would be revolted by the sight of these critters ….

  • FemDudes

    Wait… Why do I see three dudes in that twisted, fucked up group of people? How are they even allowed to be there? Or are they trans…? Spot the dudes! A puzzle for ya’all! Have fun!

    • Maggat

      To easy.

    • bob e

      they have their bras off. not exactly sure what that means ..

    • Will Quest

      Hoping to get laid……… ewwwwww……. obviously with dildos being used on them …….

  • Spatchcocked

    That picture……them broads…..those sagging dugs and hams….

    All that meat and no potatoes.

  • Shebel

    No wonder they support Islam.

  • Tooth&Claw

    What most people haven’t figured out is that most nude bodies do not appear all that hot. Clothing has a purpose people and a good tailor is worth paying for..

    • There are few things less sexy than a nudie beach. And I lived in Germany when I was thirteen. I should know.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Work in the medical field, there is nothing left to the imagination.

      • bob e

        hi BM .. never been to a nudie beach.

        • Alain

          Count yourself saved from needing eye treatment.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Unfortunately truer than ever these days when even the young are fat-assed fashion crimes.

  • Barrington Minge

    This lot are hardly going to cause a stir….in the trouser department..