Diversity is a Weakness, Not a Strength

“Diversity is a strength” is one of those Orwellian maxims that’s just generally accepted as truth by most Americans despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  • New World countries work (ed) because they lacked the caste and bloodline systems that other countries still have. Regardless of one’s heritage, one was X nationality. One could call one’s self that and believe it because it adhered to things that worked and that one could believe in: common language, values, laws, and customs.

    “Diversity” sounds good on paper but how many will learn languages not in the Latin alphabet, adopt the male-oriented Confucian system or cover one’s entire body? In short, diversity is a hollow pursuit, one that does not entail actual effort, but one that will make demands the adherents of political multiculturalism, demands they will not be happy catering to.