Continental Breakfast

‘Christians are Nazis’: Australian churches vandalized as same-sex ‘marriage’ vote nears

“Crucify ‘No’ Voters,” “Bash Bigots,” “Christians are Nazis,” “Vote Yes.”

Messages of violence against Christians or anyone who votes “No” in a national referendum about homosexuality and marriage in Australia is sprayed all over churches and buildings as the country nears the vote tally.

“We all woke up to see the awful vandalization of our church,” Waverly Baptist Pastor David O’Brien, whose surburban Melbourne church was sprayed with “Crucify ‘No’ Voters,” said. “It’s disappointing to see these things and it was a shock to all of us.”

‘A direct attack on freedom of speech’: Pro-life leader slams Ontario abortion bill

Pro-life groups blasted a Liberal law that criminalizes pro-life witness outside Ontario abortion centers as anti-woman, repressive, and a breach of Charter rights during the one day of public hearings on the bill.

“This bill is a direct attack on the freedom of speech, assembly and expression of Canadians. This bill prevents women from having access to alternatives to abortion,” Campaign Life Coalition’s Matt Wojciechowski told the standing committee on general government Thursday.

Trump and the Return to Constitutional Government

It should be noted that the Constitution allows only one branch — the Legislature (Congress) — to create legislation (laws). The Executive branch is charged with enforcing the law, the Judicial branch is charged with reviewing and validating the Constitutionality of the law, but the Congress is the only branch that can create the law. In all three of these cases, Trump is insisting that Congress perform its function — make laws. In doing so, Trump is determined to devolve the authority for making laws to its rightful holder, Congress.

Trudeau says federal government will ‘look carefully’ at implications of Bill 62

“I don’t think it’s the government’s business to tell a woman what she should or shouldn’t be wearing,” said Trudeau while campaigning in Alma, Que., with candidate Richard Hébert ahead of Monday’s byelection.

“As a federal government, we are going to take our responsibility seriously and look carefully at what the implications are.”

When asked if that would include taking the bill to court, Trudeau would only repeat that Ottawa is “looking carefully at the implications.”

Playboy’s 1st transgender Playmate hopes to ‘pave way for all women’

Ines Rau, a French fashion model who was featured nude in a 2014 issue of Playboy and has previously worked with Balmain and Vogue Italia, is the first transgender model to appear as a centerfold in the magazine’s 64-year history.

“Every woman’s beauty deserves to be celebrated,” Rau, 26, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in her first interview to the media about the feature.

“No one deserves to be a woman more than those [trans women] who routinely suffer abuse and are treated like they’re less than nothing.”

  • Watchman

    Turdo says, “I don’t think it’s the government’s business to tell a woman what she should or shouldn’t be wearing,”

    So naked naturalist women wandering the streets is OK with Turdo?
    Why only women, why not naked men roaming around all the year as if it was a Toronto Pride Parade? Are you being sexist, Mr Turdo? Would you ban naked men in children’s playgrounds – and if so how do you justify this according to your stated position above?

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      HA! Love it!

      I kept thinking about how women are always telling men that they shouldn’t ever tell a woman how to dress. It’s demeaning and sexist. Yet they have been telling men how to dress since the beginning of time.

    • Linda1000

      I think all pro-western freedom-loving women in Canada should band together and start marching topless which is legal in the streets in support of the Quebec bill – i.e. uncovered as opposed to covered. Let the asshat female politicians wear the ugly headgear and black bin covers. The ballet slipper types like Trudopehead can join them.

    • … says the guy who wouldn’t call honour-killings barbaric.

  • Watchman

    Re Playboy’s 1st transgender Playmate: “I know that Playboy stopped printing pictures of nude women in November 2015, but I thought they decided to start printing nudes again, almost certainly after the sales figures of no-nudes Playboy came in. I guess they are trying to have it both ways: no nude women to escape the ire of feminists, but nudes that look like women to escape the ire of shareholders.

    Next: Real Doll centrefold in January 2018, and a Fleshlight centrefold in February 2018.

    • tom_billesley

      How about a multicultural issue with a goat centrefold?

  • tom_billesley

    Bill Clinton 2010 meeting with Vladimir Putin and the Rosatom uranium mining deal.

  • tom_billesley

    Has the Hillary playsuit got her face on the ass so she’s talking out of it?
    A buttoned flap for the lower jaw would be convenient for special friends.

    • PaulW

      I would think that wearing such an outfit would cause skin irritation, balance issues, loss of motor control, and possibly seizures. In the long term, death. (Of course, anyone who would actually choose to wear such an outfit would have to be suffering from some sort of serious mental illness to begin with.)

  • mauser 98

    wow…thats a breakfast!

    • Blacksmith

      I could even share some of that one…..

  • mauser 98
    • canminuteman

      I should have seen that coming and bought some shares. On the theory that they are a :Liberal friendly company I bought shares in Power Corporation shortly after the election, but they are only up 15 percent, and right now they are at a 52 week high. Are they up because of political ties? Who knows, but with what I paid for the shares the dividend is about 5 percent, which is pretty good.

  • mauser 98

    University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant Stephanie McKellop

    • canminuteman

      She is also likely a dimwit who doesn’t know all that much and has nothing useful to teach, so any white men would be well advised to not register foe her classes.

      • mauser 98

        dimwit……now a University prerequisite

  • ontario john

    And now the Saturday Toronto Star. The Star admits today that its a propaganda rag for the Liberal Party. In a story that explains its existence, The Star states that its main focus is to promote progressive(socialist) issues. And that it will always support the Liberal Party federally and provincially. So much for unbiased journalism. Front page story and inside, that Trump is Hitler. Standard whiny indian stories. Islamophobia is running rampant in Canada. Burma is committing genocide against muslims. Trudeau is wonderful. Heather Mallick is outraged as a feminist that Quebec is banning women from being subjugated by islam. And somehow her rant wanders off to how well dressed Trudeau is, but Scheer dresses like a bum because he comes from the Prairies.

    • canminuteman

      Trudeau is not well dressed, he doesn’t even know how to match his shoes to his suit.

      • Liberal Progressive

        But brown is the new black!

      • Watchman

        He can always look on the soles of his shoes (or the tongue of the shoes) for his mental age.

  • Pro-lifers should just show up at these abortuaries. Business as usual. If Yasir Naqvi wants to arrest everyone with an opinion, he’ll be swamped in no time.


    “MPP Yasir Naqvi was on hand to reiterate the importance of NCCM as a
    national voice in the three key areas of media relations, human rights,
    and political advocacy.”