Woman killed, at least 7 injured in knife attack at Polish mall

A police spokesman said a 27-year-old resident of the town with a sharp tool randomly started stabbing people from behind at the VIVO shopping mall in the town of Stalowa Wola.

  • Alain

    “A resident”? For some strange reason I suspect this was more than just a Polish resident of the town.

    • Jabberwokk

      Considering they reject immigrants outright I’m not sure. If it turns out to be ‘business as usual’ well that will only further entrench them in their belief.

      • Alain

        They reject the mass invasion, but I think they had already received the odd few “refugees/migrants” so could be one of them. In any case it has the signature of Muslim jihadist.

        • Jabberwokk

          It’s hard for cynicism to not set in for me as well…..It’s like….Oh this again.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    “A local man” that’s anything but?

  • chayisun

    isis will quickly claim that the attacker is a soldier of allah who will, very shortly, be given a muslim name as soon as they can find one that is appropriate. And, when they can find out where Poland is, they will send martyrs there to continue their good and holy work.