Uranium & Diarrhea, Inc

The big story this week is that the FBI uncovered a Moscow bribery plot just before the Obama Administration approved the transfer of 20 per cent of American uranium into the hands of the Russians.

And who precisely were the Russkies trying to bribe?

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Lock her up!

    • Yo Mama

      She wont mind dat as long as Huma’s her roomie!

  • In what universe is giving anything like this to the Russians a good idea?

    The Russians must have chuckled when Hillary declared that they lost her the election.

  • ntt1

    A lot of the money seems to have been funneled through Canadian mining figure Frank Guistra, Guistra is ,of course , a turdhole liberal supporter .

  • felis gracilis

    Will the rest of the media take any time away from whatever version of Trump Derangement Syndrome is now their fancy to pay any attention to this story?

    • Maggat

      Rather doubt it.