The Global Failure of Globalization

“We cannot allow to fall back into pre-globalization times,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned.

Merkel was welcoming Obama back to Berlin for the last time. The election had been fought and won nine days earlier. And Obama and Merkel were defending globalism against President-elect Trump.

To Merkel and Obama, returning to pre-globalization times was every bit as mad as going back to the caves. Globalization had become synonymous with civilization. And its prophets, like Thomas Friedman, traced back its rise to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the city where Merkel and Obama were chatting.

But globalization didn’t bring down the Berlin Wall. Nationalism did. The pro-democracy activists wanted a country where the people had a voice. That’s the opposite of globalization in which there are no nations and only the influential figures of various stripes have any kind of impact.

  • simus1

    “Slowly, slowly. Closer, closer.” (die Merkelbeest thought balloon)

  • Dana Garcia

    Globalization = elites in charge with no annoying citizens mucking up the works.

  • Spatchcocked

    Once a Commie always a Commie …..

  • Alain

    Globalisation is the process for obtaining the new world order: one world government without any national sovereignty remaining.

    • Liberal Progressive

      We’ll see that it works when the United Nations runs everything and Barack Obama is the UN’s Secretary General running The World!

  • Bless his heart

    The German Chancellor demanded the Hungarians help destroy the Poles still in Warsaw when the Warsaw Uprising began in World War Two. The Hungarian troops would never obey an order to attack the Poles. The Hungarian General told the SS General that he could order it, but it would never happen.
    The SS general assigned the 3 Hungarian Regiment to the task of sealing off the Northwest and South sides of Warsaw.
    Talk about an open border. The Hungarian Army supplied food, water, transportation and all of their weapons that were unregistered along with the ammunition for those weapons. The Hungarians escorted civilians and wounded fleeing Warsaw to safe escape areas. The Hungarians set up two hospitals for the Polish wounded. When the SS General finally caught on to what was happening, there were armed confrontations. Some stood down, as to attack an organized unit would have meant attacking their last ally (even if the alliance was forced). After that many Hungarian soldiers died at the hands of the Germans while they were assisting the Poles through the lines to safety. There is a Tomb of the Unknown Hungarian Soldier in Warsaw who was killed assisting the Polish, as well as many marked graves. Merkel is on the same side as that enemy of humanity. The Hungarian Army was quite willing to fight the Russians. They also left Poland when the Romanians switched sides and attacked Hungary.

    Merkel, The Barbarian, Genocidal, Murmurous Enemy of Humanity successor to Adolph is now asking the Hungarians to commit genocide against all of the people of Europe, including the Poles.
    That will not happen.
    Merkel will be stopped as will the globalists and the EC.

    Merkel deserves to be rotting in the grave.