Saudi cleric says women are to blame for rape and harassment

Canada has no shortage of 5th columnists and appeasers who support Islam’s barbarity.

A Saudi preacher has sparked a backlash on social media for suggesting women are the “cause of harassment and adultery”.

Ahmed Bin Saad Al Qarni started his rant with a video which he claimed showed a woman “provoking” a man, with the caption: ‘If he rapes her, she’ll come home crying over her dignity”, according to

“I swear to God, women are the cause of harassment and adultery. Look at the woman in this video, she’s the one who stopped the man driving the vehicle, and she’s the one who got into the car with him.”

  • WalterBannon

    a Saudi Cleric?

    Are you sure it was not a Trudeau cabinet minister who said this?

  • Dana Garcia

    Right, nothing says “Rape me” like an all-encompassing burqa prison.

    Saudis are barbarians. Why do we allow them to immigrate to the West with their poison?

    • TangibleAtoms

      “Why do we allow”… Allow what? Who’s “we”…? Politicians are snake-oil, sacks of shit who promise paradise, far and wide, and the people come to watch. Stop lumping in ordinary people into this shit. Most of us have 40-hour week, kids and whatnot, to take care of to even bother with the rest of the chaos out there, domestic of foreign.

      This applies to any country or people. “We” allow them BECAUSE we’re “too busy” with the rest to even give a fuck to blame those who promote it in the first place, by showing up at the streets and ACTUALLY showing disagreement with their words.

      Anything else IS agreeing to what they say, by passively “being busy” with other shit. Politicians are known to be of a special breed of human – narcissist, psychopath and a sociopath, hence their position.

      No “ordinary” human seeks this attention just for the heck of it. They can promise the world, as long as they get a nice paycheck at the end of the day. And that is EXACTLY why we are in this stupid mess today.

      Internet warriors “expressing” their disagreement, without a physical voice to back it up with or a physical presence, for that matter.

      So no, we DO allow this BECAUSE of our passivity. Our “busy-busy” day-to-day life, oh hey, I’m gonna browse Blazingcatfur for a fem mins to see the “fun”…

      That is why.

      People before internet had balls. Balls to physically move objects that seemed immovable. Today, on the other hand, the balls are in the form of light and shadows, and a PC-culture that breeds total crap out of people.

      If you really WANT something to change, you’ve gotta show it. For real. Not just type away like I am now… right?

      At least people of old had balls to take up arms and fight back for injustice… what do we really have to show for today…? Twitter? Facebook…? Fucking laughable.

      Peace. (religion of peace, that is… lol…? Ehm)

      • Jane

        Well said. You are absolutely right, and that is why the west will not survive. While venting can serve a useful purpose for the individual’s emotional well-being, it accomplishes nothing towards defending or saving our way of life. An excellent post TangibleAtoms – the most thought provoking one that I’ve seen at BCF in a very long time.

  • tom_billesley

    Weinstein Company backer?

  • Martin B

    Allah only knows how much raping Ahmed has got away with.

  • Alain

    Expect the usual rants concerning what the cleric said from those who see no problem in importing Islam/Muslims to their country. In fact the same crowd would scream bloody murder at any suggestion of banning Muslims and/or demanding that Muslims already there assimilate and accept the values and culture of their host country. It is exactly for this reason that I see no problem in any of these clerics preaching the tenets of Islam however barbaric they are.

  • Tooth&Claw

    This claim by the cleric is analogous to the one that says, the man tripped and fell into that woman and oops that man’s penis also fell into that woman. It was an accident don’tcha know, and if that woman hadn’t have been lying down on the ground to trip him it wouldn’t have happened.

  • barryjr

    Coming soon to shithead’s vision of Canada

  • simus1

    Why those at marxist rags like the inde and others who should know better insist on giving these muslim fanatic Saudi religious officials what they deem to be equivalent pseudo Christian church titles is a bit of a cultural appropriation mystery. The muslims in question all have easily understood honourifics for their high ranking positions or Arabic language descriptors for those with lesser religious vocational niches.
    Perhaps just a holdover to honour their pioneer saints like Walter Duranty.

  • Trump has not made this country into a glass parking lot.

    This vexes me.