Police face backlash over nail polish anti-slavery campaign

A police force has been criticised on social media after officers wore nail varnish as part of a campaign to highlight modern day slavery.

Avon & Somerset police relaxed its dress code rules for Anti-Slavery Day to highlight that many victims of the crime are working in nail salons.

They shared images on social media of officers sporting colourful nail varnish using the hashtag #LetsNailIt, linking to an article about human trafficking.

  • tom_billesley

    Media reports of exploitation of Vietnamese illegal migrants found working in the UK are mostly of men living and working in buildings converted to hydroponic cannabis cultivation, and women in nail bars. Will Avon and Somerset police also get stoned in solidarity?

  • Editor

    Man, if my awareness gets raised any higher, it’s going to need oxygen. Good the police took the opportunity to tell “the offended” to report it though because, as we know, the backlash is always way worse than the original issue.

  • Starlord

    So much easier to paint your nails than do actual police work. Also arresting and wasting time on social media getting the h8trs…

    While crime.is up, Islamic related crime up etc

    • DaninVan

      Not to mention he’s a nailbiter. I’m sure it’s the stress of keeping up with the pc (no pun intended…wait, yes, I’ll take credit!) memos.

  • simus1

    Low plods just do what they are told and draw pay. The seniors have the stressful jobs – trying to think up silly PC stuff to keep them occupied.

  • Fruity measures like this are empty gestures devised by cowards and twits too frightened to act.

  • Since when has it been considered acceptable for the Police to push blatant political or social issues, however apparently worthy? Their job is to maintain Law & Order, help old ladies across the road, and tell children the time. Or is that just a relic of the 1950s England that I grew up in?

    Those halcyon days before they decided to ban Free Speech, imprison you for criticising Islam, don the garb of Mad Max, protect the criminals rather than the people, ignore all Muslim law-breaking even if it involves mass gang-rape and torture of little children, and proudly stand up on TV to announce a massive nation-wide crackdown on anyone objecting to that day’s Islamic atrocity.

    I could go on, but I think, sadly, that is enough to give a flavour of 21st Century Britain. I am happy to be now living in New Zealand, even despite the fatuous idiocy of the recent election. But as I said to the girl who told me she was vegetarian: “Don’t worry, I’m sure you will grow out of it.”