Officers parade around in bear costumes, paint their nails ‘to fight slavery’ and wear high heels to ‘highlight domestic violence’ – while crime statistics SOAR

Police chiefs were urged last night to abandon ‘silly stunts’ and get officers back on the beat.

They were told their increasingly bizarre gimmicks are undermining the job of tackling crime.

Officers were criticised for garishly painting their nails, posing for photos in bumper cars and stroking puppies for stress relief.

  • Bla Bla

    Fire. Them. All.

    Obviously time for the people to once again take matters into their own hands before the looney toons brigade burn down all of our cities.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Space aliens will never invade because they will take a look at us bust out laughing and keep going.

  • What a bunch of useless pansies.

    No wonder people were supposed to run and hide when lunatics ran people down and slashed at them with knives. One cannot expect these loonies to protect them.

    • DaninVan

      Well sh*t; everyone knows you can’t run in high heels!
      Does that dickwad realize how stupid and ineffectual he looks?
      Put him up against that Israeli chick who singlehandedly kept an aggressive crowd at bay and I know who I’d put MY money on.
      Whatever happened to ‘being out of uniform’ and Force discipline?

  • Dana Garcia

    Too bad Brits don’t have the option of firearms for self-defense, since police have gone liberal-insane.

  • BillyHW

    I think there has been a deliberate effort by HR here to hire only homosexuals.

    • Starlord

      I think u hit the nail on the head.

      • DaninVan

        I agree with you and Billy; nothing else explains their behaviour.
        It’s like Gay Pride Day everyday, over there.

    • El Martyachi ✓ᴴᵉˡᶦᶜᵒᵖᵗᵉʳᶦˢᵗ

      It’s England. They don’t have to be that deliberate.

  • ntt1

    the plod has lost the plot.

  • Cat-astrophe

    those idiots have weapons??

  • Juan Ivan

    Britain, people die in jail for leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque, people spend a year in jail for criticising islamic immigration in social media, or writing “muslims out” on a bench. But theft, shoplifting not worth investigating anymore to save money. Muslim rape gangs raping children for decades because the police was afraid to be branded racist. Muslims have taken over every single prison. People is fined and jailed for protecting themselves from criminals. Broken glass on top of the walls of your property is deemed a laboral risk for thieves. Shooting a home invader will earn you a charge of murder. You can’t kick out gypsies “travelers” invading your property. Muslim hate preachers allowed to spew their bile for years. Islamic terrorism deemed as part and parcel of living in “any major city”. Just turn off the lights and be gone. You’re unredeemable. Just kill yourselves now and save us the drama.

    • Clausewitz

      Britain is lost. Just shovel a few clods of dirt on them and move on.

    • Bla Bla

      There will come a day when people won’t take anymore and the elite rulers are hauled off to face judgement. It may not happen tomorrow, or even next year, but one day it will happen.

      But it will have to get worse – much worse for that to happen.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Monty Python gang would have loads of laughs over this.

    • Bla Bla

      They have become Monty Python!