Men making women hide

Bill 62 — adopted by the Quebec National Assembly — is a call to arms.

Muslim child abuse

This is an invitation to progressive liberal women in Canada to champion the bill and ensure that it is adopted by all the provinces of Canada. It is also time to discredit the Globe and Mail front page column which states that this bill is “raising worries among Muslims “.

Who is Ihsaan Garde?

The only person quoted in the article, a self-appointed director of an obscure Muslim council. Why does he think he can speak for Canadian women and insist that they continue to hide their faces.

  • Alain

    Sadly so far the rest of the country is too cowardly to follow suit. If I understand correctly even the CPC jumped on the bandwagon condemning Quebec. Disgusting!

    • ntt1

      sheer has been massively uninspiring so far he supports the paris climate scam as well. he may well turn out to be as useless a leader as unfortunate Ontarians have in the gay line dancing instructor currently leading the PC party.

  • barryjr

    Sadly those of us that support the law are branded as haters and told we must tolerate misogyny

  • This guy is the usual jack-off. One knows his position.

    The bigger issue is the group of snivelling apologists: