Left-wing protesters invade College Republicans meeting, reportedly declare ‘dialogue is violence’

Leftist students invaded a school-approved meeting of the College Republicans at the University of California, Santa Cruz, on Sunday, reportedly chanting that “dialogue is violence” and accusing the GOP students of being Nazis, fascists, racists, and white supremacists.

They left out misogynists, bigots, and literally Hitler!

  • CodexCoder

    This is the moment where one must say if dialogue is violence, then please, for safety’s sake, shut up and stop contributing to the violence. Give peace (and silence) a chance. What inane logic!

    • Brainwashed leftist fools are not known for their logic.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Bring air horn and blast their ears

  • bob e

    they will pick up the insults they missed next time ..

  • Because talking, like math, is hard.